How to Fix a Bad Website Design?

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You have a website, and you are proud of it. But, have you ever thought about user experiencing and why your website might not be performing at its best? If you are experiencing that, you probably have a bad website design that needs to be fixed ASAP. If you have a website consisting of poor design, don’t worry as you are not alone.

If you don’t have a big budget, you can simply hire a website design expert and give it a makeover instead of starting fresh. What constitutes a bad website design? It could be distorted logos, pixelated images, bad scrolling, incorrect information, and plenty of typos. But don’t worry, all of that can be fixed without having to start from the beginning.

7 Ways to Fix a Bad Website Design

Got a bad website design? Don’t worry! Here are seven simple and easy tips on how to fix a bad website design to get in into better shape and enjoy a new and refreshed website!

Keep it Simple

When it comes to website design, make sure to follow this rule: “Less is more.” One of the crucial elements of a good website is a simple design. The first step to fixing up a bad website design is to clean your website and remove all the unnecessary elements that may interfere with the experience. De-clutter your design and leave a lot of space between content and different elements. This allusion to space will not only increase the visual appeal of your website but also increase legibility.

Simple websites are easier to navigate. A cluttered website with a lot of graphics and different fonts will overwhelm your viewers and increase the bounce rate. So, instead of cramming information on the screen, keep your website design simple.

Smart use of Whitespace

Whitespace (also called Negative Space) is empty around different elements of the webpage. Whitespace is an essential aspect of a website design, which often gets ignored. When you are trying to fix your website design, make sure to have as much whitespace as possible. You might be thinking of whitespace as wastage of screen, but in reality, it helps create designs that are easy to interact with and visually appealing.

Whitespace will help you structure your content and de-clutter your website. The whitespace doesn’t have to be white. You can choose whatever color you want that goes well with your brand.

Fix your used Fonts

Another important feature of web design is fonts. The type and size of the font that you use on your website will affect the legibility and readability of your platform. If you cannot make a decision regarding the kind of font you should use, there are numerous options. San-serif fonts like Arial and Verdana are popular for screen reading.

Make sure the font you are using is no smaller than 10 points and no larger than 14 points. Similarly, use different colors for the segmentation of information and create headings and subheadings to make it easier for the viewers to digest information.

Pay Attention to Content

This is the tough part. Web designers usually pay attention to design elements like logos, layout, graphics, etc. but they forget to pay attention to the content. If you are fixing your website, you need to proofread your content for any editorial tasks. Website content is often overlooked. Focus on your design content and proofread for typos, information that needs to be updated, and much more.

Similarly, when you are doing that, isolate all the necessary information, so it doesn’t get overlooked or deleted. It may include call-to-actions, copyright details, trademarks, slogans, and fine print.

Manage Graphics

Most websites often overuse graphics on their web pages. You might be thinking a lot of objects on your page look cool, but they serve no other purpose but cluttering your website and slowing it down. Heavy graphics and a lot of them will make your website speed unbearably slow. To improve website speed and enhance the user experience, manage your graphics.

Some of the website elements that need to be redesigned and reconsidered include:

• Logo
• Background images
• Photos
• Navigation icons
• Horizontal rules
• Title bars

Easy Navigation

If you have a bad website design, chances are your site navigation needs an upgrade. Make sure to design a toolbar with appropriate links that are easy to navigate. Similarly, your toolbar needs to be placed where it is easily accessible and doesn’t interfere with the content on the page. Most websites have their toolbars on the top or down the left-hand side of their page. So, go with the norm to create a sense of familiarity. Don’t forget to link to the homepage of your website!


Determine your Website Layout

Last but not least, determine the layout of your website. First, remove the elements that are not important such as border images, etc. With primary information, start fresh and then include features that are required. Change dimensions and see if you want a grid layout or not. Similarly, keep a note of the website hierarchy.

If you are still using horizontal scrolling, then you need to get rid of it right now. Users hate to scroll left to right! It is annoying! Opt for vertical scrolling instead but make sure to include all the necessary information above the fold. Consider consulting website design company Dubai to enhance your old website design and give it a makeover.

Refresh your Website Design

These are some of the most effective ways to fix a bad website design and freshen it up. These tips will help you reorganize and clean up your bad web design into something unique. There are numerous ways to approach your web design, but these seven tips will make sure your viewers love using your website.

But keep in mind to regularly review your web design and layout. Approach a professional website designer to identify areas of your website that need improvement and remember there is always room for improvement! Test your website regularly, and incorporate new and beautiful ideas for a better online platform.

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