Marie Kondo’s Net Worth

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has sparked a global decluttering revolution with her life-changing magic of tidying up. The Japanese organizing consultant’s brilliant yet simple philosophy – keep only what sparks joy – has transformed homes worldwide. Kondo’s meteoric rise from a teenage tidying expert to an international phenomenon is truly inspiring.

This article explores how Kondo turned her organizational genius into an $8 million net worth empire. From bestselling books to hit Netflix shows and product lines, we’ll uncover the secrets behind her financial success. You’ll also get a glimpse into Kondo’s personal life, her future plans, and the universal impact her KonMari Method continues to make. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journey of this pint-sized decluttering superstar.

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo, the renowned Japanese decluttering author and television personality, captured the hearts and homes of millions worldwide with her Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Since the release of her groundbreaking book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” in 2014, Kondo has been leading a movement that emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself only with items that spark joy. Let’s delve into Kondo’s remarkable journey and explore just how much her success has translated into financial prosperity.

Marie Kondo Success Story

Kondo’s journey to success began at a young age, as she started her consulting business at 19, charging $100 for five hours of work. Over the years, she honed her expertise in organizing and published two bestselling books on tidying, selling a staggering 11 million copies across 40 countries. Recognized as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2015, Kondo’s fame skyrocketed, and she expanded her empire with seminars and collaborations, including the release of her jewelry organizer collection in 2018.

Marie Kondo’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Marie Kondo’s empire is valued at an impressive $8 million. This figure reflects her multifaceted approach to entrepreneurship, including her books, consulting services, seminars, and product lines. With her keen eye for organization and the growing popularity of the home organization market, Kondo’s net worth is poised for further growth in the coming years.

Five Ways Kondo Became a Millionaire

Marie Kondo spent days and nights to come to this position of being a millionaire. Here is how her success grew:

Through her Bestselling Books

Book Royalties Kondo’s biggest money-maker has undoubtedly been her bestselling books on the KonMari organizing method. Her debut book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” sold over 11 million copies worldwide after being translated into over 40 languages. With such massive book sales, along with royalties from her subsequent books, publishing has likely generated millions for Kondo.

Netflix Show Deals

 While book sales were her initial claim to fame, Kondo’s popularity exploded after the launch of her hit Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” in 2019. The show was a smash hit, earning Kondo an estimated multimillion-dollar paycheck from Netflix. The success also led to her scoring a lucrative deal for a second Netflix series called “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo” in 2021.

Corporate Consulting

Before becoming a celebrity organizer, Kondo spent years providing in-person home consulting services. As her reputation grew, so did her fees. These days, she likely commands very high fees to offer corporate training and organizing consulting for businesses looking to implement KonMari principles in the workplace.

Product Lines

Capitalizing on her global brand, Kondo has launched her own line of organization products and tools sold through her website’s online store. From luxury storage boxes to KonMari branded apparel, her merchandise allows fans to buy into her decluttering lifestyle.

Certification Courses

Another revenue stream for Kondo is the professional organization courses and certification programs she offers. Students pay thousands of dollars to complete multi-day training courses that allow them to become certified KonMari consultants upon passing exams.

Marie Kondo on a stage and hand holding a mic

Impact and Continued Success

Kondo’s influence extends beyond financial gains; she has inspired a global organizing craze, with donations to charity stores surging after the release of her Netflix show. The KonMari method has resonated deeply with audiences worldwide, leading to increased demand for Kondo’s expertise and products. As she continues to spread her message of joy and simplicity, Kondo’s legacy as a decluttering guru remains strong.

Personal Life and Future Endeavors

Despite her busy schedule, Kondo prioritizes her family life, residing in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. As her career evolves, Kondo has adapted her tidying habits to accommodate new priorities, demonstrating the importance of balance and flexibility. With her second Netflix series, “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo,” earning critical acclaim and an Emmy Award, Kondo’s future activities are eagerly anticipated.

Capping Off the Story

Through her organizational expertise, bestselling books, and streaming television success, Marie Kondo has accrued an enviable fortune while leading a global declutched revolution. However, her 2021 announcement dialing back her tidying habits after having a third child demonstrates Kondo’s core philosophy – that family and joyfulness maintain priority over perfectly ordered spaces. While she continues disseminating her KonMari method through new platforms, Kondo’s shift in focus reaffirms the human values at the heart of her tidy empire. Marie Kondo’s net worth may fluctuate, but her infectious spirit endures.


What happened to Marie Kondo?

After having her third child in 2021, the renowned organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo shared in January 2023 that she is no longer focusing as intently on tidying up. Kondo realized that spending quality time with her family and finding joy in the everyday moments of life has become more important than maintaining a perfectly tidy home. Her priorities have shifted towards embracing a more balanced approach.

Is Marie Kondo a millionaire?

Yes, Marie Kondo has achieved millionaire status. In 2019, her net worth was estimated to be around $8 million. While the exact earnings from her Netflix series are not publicly disclosed, it is likely that the show contributed significantly to her wealth, in addition to her bestselling books on the KonMari Method of organizing.

What are the 6 rules of tidying up according to Marie Kondo?

The KonMari Method, created by Marie Kondo, helps people tidy up their homes with six basic rules. First, commit to cleaning up completely. Then, think about how you want your home to be. Get rid of stuff you don’t need before organizing what’s left. Sort things by type, like clothes or books, not by where they are in your home.

Follow a certain order when tidying up: clothes first, then books, papers, miscellaneous stuff, and lastly, sentimental items. Decide if each item makes you happy to keep it. Following these rules can make your home tidy and peaceful, reflecting what’s important to you.

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