The Difference Between a Computer Technician and Engineer

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Computer engineers design and test new and more efficient hardware for computing devices while computer engineers repair, fix, and service computing devices for customers. This article compares important job information for engineers and technicians.

Comparison of Computer Engineers with Technicians

The main job of a computer hardware engineer is to research, design, build, and test systems for computer products such as servers, circuit boards, routers, and processors. Computer technicians, also known as computer support specialists, solve problems, repair, and maintain these hardware components in addition to software and networks. Below is a comparison of these two works on your computer.

The Responsibilities of the Computer Engineers Towards the Technicians

Computer engineers design and build physical components to improve their efficiency, durability, safety, and speed. These parts can be used in conventional computers or other devices with the computer system or internet capability, including machines. They create processors that can carry information faster and networks that can store more information. Designs build and execute new products and then test them extensively. You may use a special programming language called Hardware Description Language (HDL) to analyze and solve problems.

On the other hand, computer technicians, also known as computer assistance specialists, do not design, build or modernize any computer parts or systems, but repair and repair existing ones. A computer engineer can replace a faulty processor, but will not be given the task of building a new processor. It is possible to work in the IT department of a company or remotely to solve the problems of non-IT consumers. Tasks range from telephone support of a single software installation to running network tests for a large company when the Internet is down. In a sense, computer engineers make sure that the products developed by computer engineers work optimally for a particular customer.

Computer Engineers

Computer engineers need to constantly investigate to keep up to date with computer technology and the development of hardware that meets the diverse needs of the industry. Not only parts for laptops and phones are designed and tested, but also all devices that are connected to the Internet, such. Medical machines, cars, and televisions. Hardware engineers work closely with software developers to make sure the parts communicate properly. For example, the software for mobile phones should work seamlessly with the hardware on the phone, and computer engineers should see it.


The Service Tasks of a Computer Engineer Include:

  • Sketch the circuit diagrams of the parts to be built
  • Test design models
  • Analyze your test data
  • Adjust the product according to the test results
  • Stay up to date on technological changes

Computer Technician

The main task of computer engineers is to help computer users with software and/or hardware problems. This can mean that network or service issues are resolved by phone or face-to-face. Some technicians work as network support specialists in an organization and essentially maintain and repair networks for the IT department. These experts manage updates and backups of information in addition to their repair tasks. Other technicians can work at a help desk to solve consumer issues with a particular type of computer or software.

The Responsibilities of a Computer Engineer Include:

  • Test network systems for problems
  • Fix hardware and software issues
  • Perform software and hardware maintenance
  • Ask relevant questions and listen carefully to customer issues
  • Training customers on the correct use of networks and software

Related Careers

Both computer engineers and computer technicians work with computer technology, but they have very different tasks. Computer engineers may be interested in working as electrical engineers. This career, as well as computer engineer difference between computer technician and engineer, commanded engineers to build and test electrical equipment. Computer assistance specialists might consider becoming the architects of computer networks. Instead of repairing networks, network architects create and build data centers.

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