How to Protect Business Secrets with the One Spy Software


Many small and large-scale enterprises have compromised on their sensitive information due to data breaches. Some business organizations have lost their important data due to the negligence of employees. The technologists have designed monitoring software to protect business data and secrets.

Using this software, you can secure important stuff saved on company-owned mobile phones and computer devices. Also, you can keep an eye on your workers to prevent them from wrongdoings or unauthorized data transfer. Read on to know how you can safeguard business secrets and monitor employees with the monitoring solutions of The One Spy.

Cloud Storage and Employee Surveillance Software

You need cloud storage software to create an online backup of important business data. the One Spy provides online storage to secure heaps of information. It allows for creating an online backup of emails, contacts, documents, media files, passwords, credentials, chats, bookmarks, and important stuff in many other forms. The backed-up data can be retrieved and modified through the web-based online control panel of One Spy.

It also allows supervising employees from anywhere. You can monitor your workers’ activities inside and outside the workplace to prevent them from unproductive acts, gossip, and unauthorized data transfer. Using the employee surveillance app you can keep tabs on the usage of company-owned mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Read on to know about the working of monitoring software.

How does Monitoring Software Work?

The data backup and employee surveillance software enable entrepreneurs to protect business information and keep an eye on employees to not let them misuse or disclose secrets. Once you install the software on the computer or mobile phone used by employees, you can keep track of activities performed on this device as well as activities performed in the surroundings of the monitored digital devices.

After installation, the app gets access to important stuff saved on the targeted device and uploads to the online portal. It executes the complete process with complete secrecy and without alerting the target. Moreover, the app allows sending remote commands to the targeted device to record surrounding scenes and sounds. Given are the features of the software that explain the effectiveness of the solution for businesses.

Data Backup

The business owners and managers can create an online backup of data that is important for the organization. The cloud storage solution lets you secure your documents, visuals, contacts, and confidential information by uploading them to the online portal of One Spy. The software automatically accesses important data saved on different monitored devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers and uploads it to a single platform. The end-user of the software can retrieve backed-up data from the online control panel anytime and from anywhere.

Backups Securely

Track Emails

Using the surveillance software, you can keep an eye on your workers’ communication. The software lets you know what conversations your employees make with co-workers, customers, and third parties. It provides access to emails sent and received by working staff by tracking emails on Gmail. As well as keeping an eye on workers’ communication, you can also prevent them from disseminating sensitive information or business secrets to unauthorized persons via email. If your disloyal worker leaks company secrets through emails, the spy software lets you know about it.


The spy software records all keystrokes made to the traced mobile phone or computer device. It includes key logs of passwords, email addresses, usernames, and messenger chat. You can access credentials of online accounts operated on company-owned devices. By logging into these accounts, you can closely watch out for workers’ activities and can detect evidence of misconduct.

Monitor Social Media

The displeased workers take to support social media platforms to publicize company secrets and defame the organization or employer. The business managers are needed to supervise the social media activities of employees to prevent them from such acts. The surveillance app allows overseeing activities performed on popular social apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Track Instant Messenger Chat

As well as social media apps, you can also evaluate the usage of instant messengers. You can keep track of conversations made via WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, WeChat, Kik, Telegram, Skype, and many other commonly used messaging apps. The monitoring of instant messengers lets you ensure that your workers do not transfer company secrets to unauthorized persons.

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