How Call Center Software Helps your Business

Customer Experience Optimization

Technology has made this possible. Today, every business can get access to modern tools to manage and improve their incoming and outgoing calls.

Take, for example, the Big Basket. 10 years ago they had only 7 customer service agents. They used the cloud-based call center software Solution to provide star service. Today they use a similar technology to manage approx. 600 agents in two cities.

Some of our customers have only 1-10 people answering or calling. And even these employees have other jobs. So they compromise on efficiency or customer experience? No, they are not because, regardless of your size (or sector), customer interaction is very important. Find out what advanced technology gives you. Know the features that your small business should have in their call center software to:

  • You will never miss a client or leader.
  • You make the best custom of employee time.
  • You track all your calls.
  • And get the insight you need to improve customer service.
  • With zero investment in infrastructure or training.

Cloud Platform

  • Ensure Zero Capital, Easy Scalability, and Flexibility Zero Capex: With cloud-based contact center software, you don’t need to invest in any infrastructure or service. Just use your internet browser to log in and set up your account in minutes.
  • Easy scalability: you can easily add more agents. Our customers scale from 4 agents to 400 on one platform. And it’s just as easy to remove agents. Flexibility: access to your contact center from anywhere in the world. Sales representatives can attend calls on the go. Agents can work from home or from remote offices. And you can control everyone and everywhere.

IVR & Automatic Route

Connect subscribers faster Customers are impatient, do not make them wait. Small business CRM For call center software must have easy-to-configure IVR and intelligent call routing. Set up an automatic greeting in minutes. IVR will provide the caller menu option. Intelligent call routing will test the skills and availability of the operator for the optimal subscriber queue. This will distribute the workload evenly between the agents and provide minimal latency.


Track customer experience and agent performance you should be able to access your contact center software at any time to receive reports and call records.

  • Customer Experience: Keep track of your experience with metrics such as first call resolution, average queue time, and an average bounce rate. Use it to provide callbacks. And plan better.
  • Agent Efficiency: Are your agents overloaded or unfinished? Know the number of received/visited calls, average response speed, and average call time. Use reports to track performance, improve feedback, and better planning. Use conversation recordings to better educate agents.

Dialers Functionality

Automate outgoing calls. Do your representatives spend time scrolling through the database and carefully typing numbers? This is both frustrating and wasteful. Make sure your contact center has an Auto dialer. Automate call lists to increase efficiency by 30%. And let your representatives focus on conversions.

Seamless CRM Integration

Personalize calls and automate workflows. Personalization of calls: customers hate repeating themselves.

Seamless CRM Call Center Software integration ensures this never happens. When the call ID flashes, your contact center software retrieves ticket information from CRM and places it on the operator panel. All to the first “Hello.” 100% personalization, 0% effort.

CRM Software

Automate sales workflows. Seamless integration also improves sales workflows like never before. Web links are immediately sent to your sales representatives. You can automate dialing or press the call button from the CRM window.

Multi-Channel Support

Live chat, SMS, and more. Your contact center software must support several channels: SMS, chat support, email, and social networks. So your customer can easily navigate between these channels.


Scope for improvement. This is the age of acceleration. Soon, your customer will need voice bots, advanced self-service capabilities, and micro-personalization. And only AI can deliver. Plan for tomorrow, today. Your contact center software provider should develop these artificial intelligence tools so that today you can smoothly add them to your contact center when necessary.

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