On-Page SEO Checklist

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These webmasters are creating many authority websites in different niches or some are creating websites that are of general niche only meant for accepting guest posts on general websites. But they all must have to follow the on-page SEO checklist to position themselves higher in the SERPs.

Is this Important Enough to be Given Attention?

Yes, the on-page SEO checklist is that much important that special attention must be given to get a higher ranking in the SERPs. They are the most important factor of ranking in the organic search result as the search engine gives more priority to these factors than any other one.

Before dwelling inside the SEO checklist we must understand “What is on-page SEO?”

On-page SEO is a collection of activities that are done to prioritize your position in Google or any other search engine. Mainly in this, we give more emphasis on keywords, copywriting, media, links, user experience, and even more conversions.

Let’s Dwell Inside the On-Page SEO Checklist

Major On-Page SEO Checklist for Higher Positioning

Use Short and Descriptive URL

Basically, it is one of the ranking factors in the SERP page to have a shorter and more descriptive URL for your post. The reason behind having the sort but descriptive URL is that if you are using a short URL that is a phrase match of your keyword then there are more chances of ranking rather than more specific keywords. So give special attention to the URL as it only suggests what the content is all about but having short but it doesn’t mean that it must not be descriptive so have a balance of both.

Write Compelling Title Tags and Description

Title tags and descriptions are the only entrance gate that insists someone enters your website so have good practice in making compelling title tags and descriptions. Don’t shoehorn your target keywords to make it more keyword loaded.

And the same thing remains true for the description also makes your description more compelling so that people are more likely to click on your search results.

Tags Titile and description

Use H1 in your Title Tag

This is a general practice to add H1 in your title tag because themes have an inbuilt feature of having H1 in the title tag but this is special attention for those webmasters whose themes are not having an H1 tag in their title. And adding keywords in the title is very best as crawlers and bots give special attention to the title.

Internal Linking and External Linking

These are also one of the factors of ranking. As more and more you link your internal content then there are more chances of passing the link juice to the newer content that you published recently. As there are more chances of being clicked by users but if we are talking about external links they are helpful in making an understanding to the bots as this content is derived from this source which is also helpful.

Optimize your Image with a Descriptive “Alt tag”

Adding images to a blog post is a good way of retaining your visitors on your page for more time. But there are more chances of ranking for your keywords in the image so give special attention to adding keywords in your alt image which must be relevant to your image.

Intelligently Add Long-Tail Variation Keywords

This is also an important point to add long-tail variation keywords because majorly your traffic comes from long-tail keywords. As you can also see that the keyword is having less search volume and then also getting more traffic is all because of long-tail keywords. So this is quite an easy step but more important for ranking on multiple keywords. So it’s better to add long-tail variation keywords in the whole content body.

Add Schema Markup

This is not the new one but in today’s scenario, it is a more effective one for search results. So don’t forget to add schema markup as it may additionally provide more CTR because of that feature. After this more and more features are added to your website and users of your service can rate your service.

Here I have written a whole descriptive view on On-page SEO which might be helpful for those users who want to rank their websites and want to see higher rankings.


Above in the content, there is a huge list of on-page SEO checklists which will be helpful in ranking anyone’s website if followed in a similar way. And for myself, adding schema markup is best if you are having a service-based industry for more conversions.

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