Is it Dangerous to Vape in a Car?

In the past few years, it’s hard not to meet at least once during a trip a car from the passenger compartment of which powerful clouds of either smoke or steam periodically burst out – as if the line of the engine cooling system was leaking. In fact, everything is in order with the car, it’s just that its driver lit up an electronic cigarette. In this article, we will analyze whether it is dangerous to vape in a car?

Smoking in the car is quite a popular activity, especially when you are stuck in an hour-long traffic jam for work. But you must admit that the interior in the car does not smell very good after that, even if you open all the doors and windows in the car while smoking.

What if the car is not yours? Let’s assume that you have a trip to Dubai and use the services of a rental company. So you decide to Rent Porsche Dubai – is that allowed to vape there?. Most likely, it was written in the car rental agreement that smoking in the luxury car is prohibited. After carefully reading the car rental agreement and for other classes of cars, you will understand that it is written everywhere that smoking for drivers is prohibited in a rented car.

An alternative would be a vape or an electronic cigarette. But is it really so?

Let’s add fog to the car?

Many vapers are convinced that there will be no consequences when smoking such devices while driving. As a rule, this is what users of rental cars do, that they do not stay in them for a long time. But motorists with experience have long noticed that the windows in their cars begin to quickly become cloudy due to sweet smoke. And it’s easy to explain.

In fact, e-cigarette vapor products are most often generated by the evaporation of glycerin or propylene glycol, which are stored as an oily liquid in a special container on its body. Their evaporation occurs when heated from a miniature electric coil connected to a battery, which is again built into the body of the device.

As a result, in just a few days, a thick greasy film forms on the windows of the car, which impairs visibility. And if you do not clean them regularly, the glass will lose its transparency exponentially, distorting the surrounding picture.

To get rid of plaque, you can use a solution consisting of water and vinegar. After cleaning the glass, dry it thoroughly with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. To avoid the formation of plaque, do not soar with the windows closed. If this is not possible (for example, in winter), then you can switch to a liquid with a lower glycerin content.


In Europe, they are seriously thinking about this trend, and gradually they begin to introduce fines for being addicted to their fashion. The police in the UK, for example, are increasingly frustrating those who vape in the car. In England, smoking while driving has already been equated with violations that provoke an accident. Interestingly, the police can easily fine anyone who is seen with a vape in the car. There is no official ban on vaping and driving in England yet, but the key word here is “still”. This is understandable and quite natural, because hovering in a car really interferes with the driver, impairs visibility and simply distracts him.

  • Firstly, an electronic cigarette emits not just nicotine smoke, but thick and dense vapor. Clubs of steam are able to completely close the driver’s visibility.
  • Secondly, the very process of soaring, the concentration on taste sensations and puffs distracts the person behind the wheel.
perosn using vape

What is important to know if you want to soar while driving in a car

Look at the road and don’t think of filling up your device on the go) and you don’t need to know anything special, everything is like with a regular cigarette.

Where to put the vape in the car?

Where it won’t fall. Hygiene and safety first. You touch it with your lips, it will be unpleasant if the vape falls on the floor, where there is a lot of sand. And it will be even worse when the device rolls away not under the radiance, but under the pedals.

Vaping in a car does not have any special consequences, however, do not forget about safety. Maybe they say that vaping is not as harmful as cigarettes, but it also affects health.

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