How to Potty Train a Husky Puppy: The Basics Explained

Outdoor puppy

Bringing your new pup home is a joy that words can’t describe. Many people love Siberia huskies because of their energy and unique look. Siberian huskies are friendly and outgoing since they were socialized and bred for thousands of years to be sled dogs.

Just like any other breed, you need to understand how to potty train your huskie so that they can truly become part of your home. These tips will teach you how to potty train a husky puppy in a way that gets results.

Begin as Early as Possible

Never drag your feet when it comes to potty training your puppy. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be, and your dog will start to develop bad habits.

So, when should you start puppy training your husky? Simple answer — the moment that you bring them home. As you familiarize the dog with its new surroundings, you should also take it outside to the designated potty area. Doing this while they are a few weeks old will instill the proper habits.

Breeders like Bama Huskies and others take care of weening the puppies for you so that you’re ready to take them home at 8 weeks.

Stick to Schedules

Make sure that you keep your puppy on a strict schedule for feeding and bathroom time. You will need to feed your new dog about three times each day. Keep in mind that they will also need to go potty roughly 20 minutes after meals.

Keep these schedules in mind so that your dog can get used to them, and you can plan your life around them. Choose times that suit your personal and professional life, and make sure that you don’t skip meals or bathroom time.

puppy with toilet paper

Choose the Best Area

Perhaps most importantly, choose a designated bathroom area that works. It should be part of your backyard that is a low-traffic area and contained to one location. Remain diligent about having your dog use this area, rather than the entire yard.

This way, you and your company won’t have to watch their step and you will be able to keep your yard clean and presentable.

Stay Consistent with the Process

Remember that consistency is king. Your dog is built to learn and will start to pick up the message the more that you are consistent with it. Remain diligent about schedules, stick to areas, and recognize your dog’s cues that they have to go potty.

The sooner you commit to the process, the sooner your puppy will.

Learn How to Potty Train a Husky Puppy

Bringing your puppy home for the first time is a memory you won’t forget. The sooner you learn how to potty train a husky puppy, the sooner you can appreciate the relationship in earnest and begin enjoying your dog.

Start with these suggestions and stay consistent with training your puppy. We’re your resource when you’re learning all about pet care. Check out our other articles on similar topics to learn more.

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