Yungeen Ace’s Net Worth

Yungeen Ace

Yungeen Ace is an American rapper best known for his singles like ‘No Witness’ and ‘All-in.’ Ace was born on February 12, 1998, in East Chicago, Indiana, United States. His birth name is ‘Kenyata Tyrone Bullard,’ but he is popular by his stage name, “Yungeen Ace.” His father was sent to jail when Ace was 3 years old. He was raised in Florida with his twelve brothers. Ace has been nominated two times for Grammy Awards. Yungeen Ace is among one of the most listened-to idols on Spotify.

Yungeen Ace Early Life

Kenyata Tyrone Bullard was born on February 12, 1998, in East Chicago, Indiana, U.S. Ace’s father was sent to prison when he was young. His family moved to Florida for a better start. His mother and elder brother raised Yungeen Ace. Yungeen’s life was tough in his childhood. Unluckily, Ace was influenced by the wrong people and got involved in gang assaults several times. During his childhood, he even got shot six times. At the age of 13, Yungeen developed an interest in rapping and started rapping at 16 years old. Ace became a poet when he was 11 years old, and he has been writing poetry for the last 13 years. Besides all these hard days and struggles to earn every day, Yungeen’s only dream since childhood was to become a star.

Yungeen Ace Career

In his career, Yungeen Ace selected music as his stair to stardom. In February 2018, Yungeen Ace uploaded several tracks on his SoundCloud account. He started promoting his tracks through numerous social platforms. Many of his songs like “No Witness,” “Find Me,” and “All In” got popular and became the reason for Ace’s popularity. His songs received millions of views in less than a month.

After getting popular, Yungeen Ace was attacked and shot along with his brother Trevon Bullard and several friends on June 5, 2018. Ace was the only lucky survivor who survived 8 bullets of that attack. His brother and friends got killed. The same year in August 2018, his music albums “Life of Betrayal” and “Life I’m Livin.” were released. After his terrible loss, Yungeen did a cameo of YoungBoy known as “Never Broke Again.” Ace also collaborated with JayDaYoungan on a single called “Jungle.”

In 2019, Yungeen Ace collaborated with Boosie Badazz, Lil Durk, and Lil Baby for the songs “Aggravated” and “Do It.” Yungeen Ace debuted his famous mixtape titled “Don Dada” in 2020. Later in 2021, Ace released the singles “Withdraw from Life” and “Fighter Pain.”

His recent music video, “Rekindle23,” was released on August 31, 2022. In this song, he featured uncut funeral footage of a deceased Rapper friend from Chicago. He signed a contract worth $30 million with a record company called “Cinematic Music Group” recently. Yungeen Ace will likely release three new albums in the next five years. His first album release of the deal is expected to be in 2023.

Yungeen Ace Net Worth

As of 2022, Yungeen Ace has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. Ace is only 24 years old and has already signed contracts with production teams, busying himself with many upcoming projects. With Yungeen’s passion for his profession, it is expected that he may be a billionaire soon.

Let’s take a look at Yungeen Ace’s net worth growth.

Net Worth in 2022$5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$4.7 Million
Net Worth in 2020$4.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$4.2 Million
Net Worth in 2018$3.9 Million
Net Worth in 2017$3.7 Million

Yungeen Ace Annual Salary

Yungeen Ace’s annual income is around $0.3 Million.

Yungeen Ace Monthly Salary

Yungeen Ace earns approximately $25,000 every month.

Yungeen Ace Income Source

Now, if we look into Yungeen’s source of income, he has earned most of his wealth from his music career. Apart from rapping, Yungeen Ace makes money by songwriting, singing, world tour, album sales, and commission earned from his streaming services on Apple Music and Spotify. He also signs contracts with record labels. He recently signed a contract with a record label worth $30 million.


Yungeen Ace is an American rapper with a net worth of $5 million. Ace was born on February 12, 1998, in East Chicago, Indiana, United States. He is famous for his hip-hop rapping and songs like ‘No Witness’ and ‘All-in.’ He was raised by a single mother and elder brother in Florida. He started rapping at the age of 16. Yungeen earns around $0.3 Million annually and $25,000 on a monthly basis. Besides rapping, he sells albums, signs contracts with record companies, and streams on social apps for income. Yungeen Ace was nominated for Grammy Awards twice. With his current popularity, Yungeen Ace’s net worth and fame will continue to rise.

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