If you’re looking for the best LLC formation services out there, ZenBusiness.com is ranked as the top one.

LLC Stands for Limited Liability CompanyUS-specific form of a private limited company according to wikipedia.org definition.

Forming an LLC is very important for small businesses. The most obvious advantage to forming an LLC is protecting your personal assets by limiting the liability to the resources of the business itself.

ZenBusiness helps you form an LLC with ease. Let’s discover how ZenBusines LLC service works and what is our review on it.

Zenbusiness.com Introduction

ZenBusiness.com is renowned for its quality and expert services for new to old entrepreneurs. ZenBusiness business formation Service is taxes based business founded in 2015.

It has been working for small businesses and helping them achieve their dreams. They were a small business initially so they are well aware of struggles a new business may face. They support the new upcoming business to face challenges courageously.

They offer a wide range of services. Most of the services are regarding the registration of a place. In New York, it is compulsory to register a company in two renowned newspapers.

So they take this responsibility on their shoulders. Their scope of services is spread in most of the US. All this is done at reasonable prices with a guarantee of quality work.

They are committed to helping a business at every stage of business from minute details to complex legal issues. Besides this, they have a set and robust team of experts. All this is based upon the customer’s review.

Businesses have to face a lot in COVID-19, but still, things were easy when the zen place was there.

Zenbusiness LLC Service: Pros & Cons


ZenBusiness is beneficial and advantageous in several ways. Some of them are discussed below. 

  • Affordable: the business is affordable in term of prices. Their minimum is just from $35, which is about $60 less then what is offered at LegalZoom. Moreover, there is no compromise on the quality of services. One can get what is asked at the minimum most price.
  • One for All: they have not confined their services to one size of business. They have benefits for every size of business. Even they claim to serve young and new entrepreneurs. They offer a wide range of services with the same zeal and zest. 
  • Wide Range of Services: There services scope is broad. They offer legal services to internal financial report making. They are the one with all the know-how of legal issues, so complete them in a timely and accurate way.
  • Expert Services: legal works are a piece of cake; they need expert services. Expert services, along with experiences. All these are available in the team of zenbusiness. They have a highly competent team baked with experiences and expertise to tackle complex legal issues subtly. Their expertise is for small sole proprietors to large public companies. They work for all with the same passion and dedication.
  • Simplicity: This is the motive or mission statement behind their services. They make everything easily understandable by the consumers. It is now easy to start, run and grow while working with Zenbusines. 


  • Time Frame: There is no fixed time frame; it is seen that sometimes they came up with legal solutions and registration before time. It was, but the company has to disturbed his schedule, which was set earlier.
  • Unnecessary Services: They have listed a lot of services. At the same time, most of them are useless. They should be providing financial services and legal registration and matters. However, they are providing web hosting and domain name registration. All these services are useless and may require out of the way personnel. 

Key Features & Services

A. Registered Agent Service:

A registered agent is someone who is registered to work as a representative of the company. They are a spokesperson; it can be a person, or the business itself. It is a great responsibility so everyone can`t be appointed as a registered agent.

He or she should be aware of his duties and legal constraints. ZenBusiness also provides these services. They are experts in their field through an expert and experienced team.

B. Operating Agreement:

An operating agreement is an important document to register a company with LLC. Registration is not an easy process; it involves a lot of complexities. However, it is not difficult for ZenBusiness they know every minute in this regard.

C. Fast Filing:

Filing can be of different kinds, but each of them requires keen attention. It is because that specific document is going to be public. Filing is not a problem for ZenBusiness. However, the fast filling doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. 

D. Low Cost:

Registration, filling and agreement services are not an easy task, requires expert services and demand due attention and plenty of time.

All this must be available at high prices and valuable demands. Surprisingly nothing like this is with ZenBusiness.

They do provide all of the above services with flawless details and understanding, but they cost about 30% less. The starting fee is from $39.there are different packages starting from $39 to $249. Every package comes with additional services. However, there is no compromise on quality.

E. Easy to Form:

They have easy to fill forms which are not complex for anyone either you are erudite or not.

Packages & Pricing ($39 Starter)

There are different packages each with different prices and a different set of packages. All of them are affordable as per the services and quality they provide. However, they are divided into three categories. 

Starter ($49 + State Fee):

The starter is the basic level package that is billed annually, starting from $49. It included a Standard filling service, though the filing time may vary from state to state. They also provide an operating agreement. All this is available with 100% high accuracy.

Pro ($199 + State Fee):

Pro starts from $199, with rush filing speed and facility of registered agents. An operating agreement is also available in this package.

Additional services are EIN and Banking resolution template. However, in the case of taxpayer ID, the business has to apply by itself. Worry-free compliance is also an additional service in this criteria.

Premium ($299 + State Fee):

The premium package is really the most lavish package with all the services of precious two packages with some starling offers of its own.

Here one can have a business website as well as own business email addresses and business domain name. All this is available for $299.

However, one thing that is common in all is quality, accuracy, and affordability. Moreover, there may be some delay in a process that is only because of state to state change in rules.

Additional Services:

ZenBusiness is known for its quality filling, registering, agent and documentation services. They are expert in their services. Besides these services, there are some detailed services which are not expected from a business agency company.

ZenBusiness provides services that are helpful besides just fulfilling legal obligations. Every business requires digital existence.

ZenBusiness is here to help by providing expert services, i.e. domain name registration and its privacy along with all the services required with digital existence.

Starting a business in New York has a separate set of rules as well. One of them is to publish news or add in a local newspaper in case you are starting LLC. ZenBusiness takes this responsibility on its shoulder too.

Helping new businesses with the calculation of business sheets, and another financial report is part of their expertise.

They also take responsibility for opening a bank account in Radius Bank. Usually, a company wants to run with different names, i.e. parent company and daughter company or sister company concept.

It s not an easy task, one you have to register as a separate name and then let people realize the relation. ZenBusienss lends its hand here too through DBA registration. DBA means (Doing Business As).

Getting DBA is not an easy task but is made easy if done through Zenbusiness. They comply with all the services.

This service is a great help as the company has not to divert his attention and make both businesses suffer. Employee Identification Number (EIN) is helpful for a business to let employees open their bank account. Zenbusiness helps in acquiring EIN too.

Customer Review & Feedback

Customers review and feedback are important for outsiders as well as for management. It is like a mirror or reflection of business which makes the decision easy.

In the case of ZenBusines, reviews are quite positive. People were happy with the management and quality of services except few. Many people were satisfied with them. They gave a positive response, expert dealing and reasonable pricing.

Their customers were overall happy with the smooth process and fair dealings. They were successful in securing about 4.7 average stars from about 1400 reviews.

However, they are reasonably priced but not compromising on quality. Only 5% of people gave average or below average reviews. Yet, some of them find it time taking. Very few people complained about poor customer service.

ZenBusiness has a strong and quick response time. They have responded to all positive and negative reviews in a very professional way. However, overall they are strong and committed to providing quality services to their clients regardless of their size.

People who worked with them regard them as friendly ones. They find it easy to work without any hidden charges and supper affordable.

Our Rating (4.8/5)

Well, we have used, evaluated, and analyzed ZenBusiness in detail. So we are now in a better place to rates is following features. Remember we will rate in stars and each star means one point. 

Register agent: Registered agents of ZenBusiness are well aware and experienced. No one asked to replace or cancel the deal withZenBusiness because of a registered agent.

Fast service: Services are quite fast even they give a more estimated time, and work is done in half of it. They are expert and fast in all the services. It is also because of expertise that helps them in providing the fastest possible services. 

Form Fillings: Form filling is one of the easy tasks and is made easier in the ZenBusiness. Logically it has to be very complex and difficult. However, ZenBusiness has made things quite easy to understand.

Discount Offers

Usually, it is asked that is it worth spending on ZenBusiness. Do they Justify their prices, and is it worth giving time? So the answer to all these questions is yes.

Yes, it is worth spending and worth giving time and chance for them to serve the business. Things are made easier with us. As if you will connect with them or ordered through us you will get 20% additional off on all the services if possible.

This discount offer makes hot cake and best choices among competitors. 

Best Alternative: ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom

ZenBusiness are indeed best ones in the town still they have some competitors which are considered alternative but are not providing as much quality services as is ZenBusiness.

One of the close competitors is LegalZoom. LegalZoom is also an LLC registering company with a lot of experience in the market.

ZenBusiness offers high-quality products with affordability and high customer satisfaction. LegalZoom on the other hand is more like a brand name for the people who are brand conscious. 

Packages Comparison:

Both companies are offering somewhat the same services and have the same features. However, there is a somewhat difference between pricing plans.

LegalZoom offers registered agent for $159 extra for each year which $119 for ZenBusiness.

EIN registration is a bit costly at ZenBusiness. ZenBusiness provides services of a web domain and hosting which is not available at LegalZoom

There are different kinds of plans which are available in both companies. However, plans are more extensive and flexible on the ZenBusiness side.

Customers’ Reviews:

Let’s first summarize the overall reviews received. People who prefer ZebBusiness like Its quality of services. Because:

  • Zenbusiness is the choice of people who wanted high-quality services with the lowest possible price. 
  • ZenBusiness also provides timely fillings.

LegalZoom was the choice of people:

  • People who were brand conscious people. 
  • Who were willing to pay more for quality and extended services
  • Wanted to have complete legal service beyond than just registration or formation.

Ease to Use:

Both companies are easy to work with without any hidden charges and complex process. LegalZoom’s process completes within 15 to 20 minutes.

A maximum of one sitting is enough to finalize products. Whereas ZenBusiness offers complete online services to offer personalized and customized services. 

Above mentions points are clearly demonstrating that ZenBusiness is the best option for LLC services. The company offers wide LLC packages that can facilitate small to large business.

Quality of work is the same or somewhat higher in ZenBusiness. Whereas LegalZoom holds a significant place in the eyes of brand conscious people.


After going through all the details direct from their website (zenbusiness.com), customer reviews, and meeting some real clients and customers of ZenBusiness, we concluded that ZenBusiness is a one-stop-shop for legal registration and LLC.

  • It is one of the best option available among competitors. They are renowned for their quality services and amazing prices. The prices are settled according to the demand of different people.
  • There is no excuse for quality in each of them. ZenBusiness is the talk of the town because of its quality services and amazing reviews.
  • People who have use ZenBusiness are praising it for its quality services and amazing prices. There is some little bit review, but the company dealt with them in a very professional and humble way.
  • Zenbusiness is also marked as the best registered agent service. They have some uncommon services which are obviously not present in competitors that as website hosting, domain hosting, and website designing.
  • So, in other words, a business is said to be most affordable for every business either is a small sole proprietor or for some large size or corporate business.

Hense it is concluded that ZenBusiness performs what they have promised. However, you can also check other top LLC formation services available in the market for the better comparison.


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