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Milestone Credit Card

Have a bad credit history? Don’t worry because you can still pre-qualify for the milestone Mastercard credit card easily. Milestone credit cards are actually unsecured cards for the people who have unpaid bills and bad credit history. So, if you have got an emergency expense or need to switch to a new credit card, this one is the best choice. 

For a credit comeback, this card is going to be your gateway.

Like any other credit card, your is not an ideal one because it also has an annual fee, transactional charges, and penalty charges. The only thing good about this credit card is that you can get it on a low APR rate without a good credit score. 

Type Of Milestone Cards

  • Milestone Gold MasterCard
  • Milestone MasterCard Unsecured
  • Milestone Mastercard with Mobile Access
  • Milestone Mastercard with Free Choice of Card Image
  • Milestone Gold Mastercard, Bad Credit Considered

Perks And Rewards

  1. You can pre-qualify for my milestone gold card or credit card through register. 
  2. No impact on your previous credit score. A bad score is also acceptable.
  3. Offers a $300 credit limit at an annual fee of $35 to $75 for the first year and $99 afterward.
  4. Best unsecured credit card for bad credit just by visiting mymilestonecreditcard/activate.
  5. The APR rate for Mastercard credit card is 24.9%
  6. The paying interest is no more than $0.50.
  7. Zero transaction fee during the first year.

Eligibility Criteria For mymilestonecard

You might think that getting qualified for credit card is very easy, but that’s not the case. Like every other credit card company, you have to fulfill the criteria of milestone cards to get one. Before knowing the criteria make sure you know that after one year, the transaction fee will become $5 on cash advance and 1% of the foreign transactions.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a milestone credit card. 
  • Make sure you have a social security number, a physical address, a US identity card, and a bank account. 
  • You should fulfill the income requirements of the company along with the verification policy. 
  • You must not be involved in unlawful activities.
  • You should be a delinquent or in debt with another milestone credit, master, or gold card.
  • You should not already have another milestone credit card account. 
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Apply For Milestone Credit Card

There are two ways through which you can easily apply for your own milestone credit card. 

Online register 

  1. Visit
  2. You will see two required fields for username and password. 
  3. Because you don’t have any account till now, you will have to register yourself.
  4. Click the “register button” given below the page.
  5. It will lead you to a new page.
  6. Complete the information including your account number, date of birth, and social security number.
  7. A new application page will open. Fill the required fields with authentic information and you have successfully applied for your card.
  8. You will get a tracking code through which you can track your card through

Milestone Credit Card Phone Number (866-453-2636)

Just keep all your documents handy with you and call milestone helpline for applying by dialing 866-453-2636. Provide the customer representative with all the information they ask you for. You will be asked to provide your full name, SSN, US national id card number, date of birth, address, and bank details. 

Activate At

Once you have received the card, the first thing to do is its activation through my milestone credit card account login.

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign in your account by adding your username and password for your mymilestonecard account.
  3. Lookup for the card activation tab and open it. 
  4. You will reach the next page www.mymilestonecard/activate 
  5. Get the activation code from your card and enter it in the required field along with your personal and financial information. 
  6. Confirm and activate. You can use your milestone card right after its activation. 

Activation By Phone Number (1-8660453-2636)

You can also dial the milestone Mastercard phone number to activate your Mastercard credit card right away. Just tell them your credit card number, the security code, and other required information. Your card will be activated while you are still on call. 

Milestone Credit Card Payment Methods

If you think that you will get away with the payments of milestone credit card account, think again. After each billing cycle, you only get 25 days to pay your next bill. If you are late or spend over your limit that is $300, you will end up with a penalty fee.

The penalty charges for late payment, over-limit, and returned payment can be up to $40. Not only that the APR rate will also increase from 24.95 to 29.9% in the case of late payment. So, make sure to make your milestone credit card payments timely. 

You can pay your bills through the following methods:

Online www.mymilestonecom/signin

To make your milestone credit card payments online, you just have to follow the few steps given below:

  1. Sign in your 
  2. Navigate your account and go to the manage your account settings.
  3. Go to the payment section and enter your account details. 
  4. Select the payment date, amount, and your credit card number along with selecting your bank name.
  5. Review all the information and submit your payment. 
  6. You will receive a confirmation notification within 24-hours of payment submission. 

Milestone Credit Card Payment Number 

If you do not have access to your account and your payment date is due, you can choose an alternative way to make payment. Dial the milestone credit card payment number 800-958-2556, and instantly pay your bills and annual payments.

My Milestone Card-Pay My Bill Through Mail

You can also mail your payments to the below-given address:

Genesis FS Card Services
PO Box 84059
Columbus, GA 31908-4059 Customer Support

If there is still something leaf for you to know, you can always count on the customer support team of Milestone. You are free to contact them 24/7 through the following means:

Phone: 866-453-2636
FAX: 503-268-4711
Correspondence address: Genesis FS Card Services PO Box 4477 Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

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