As the colder winter weather starts to set in, you’ve almost certainly started making small preparations to keep your family and your house safe and comfortable until springtime. What you might have overlooked in this preparation is your car. While it’s common to take steps like buying thicker winter coats for the family and checking house insulation to get ready for frosty temperatures, it’s all too easy to forget about winter car care and what your vehicle needs to make it through the chilly months intact. From getting custom RV covers for your travel vehicle to a zip-up car storage bag for that car you probably won’t need to take out until the springtime, having just a few key accessories ready can help give you peace of mind. Take a look at the essentials to have on hand for your car’s care this winter season.

How To Properly Prepare Your Car for Winter Storage

One of the primary concerns for cars getting through the winter is the low temperatures, which can cause frozen pipes and more. If you live in an area that experiences difficult winters, your best bet is to store your car inside of a heated garage. If this is not an option, you may want to at least find best custom fit car covers to prevent snow, ice and more from piling up directly on your car. Before you put your car away for the season, make sure to give it a thorough clean first. You can, for instance, take it through a car wash or get it waxed before storing it. Make sure you straighten up the garage or other area where you’re storing the car, to avoid contact with any items that could case scratches or other unwanted damage.

Must Have Accesories for Winter Storage

Once you’ve found a secure location to keep the car, the other essential component to successful winter storage is stocking up on needed accessories. To ensure you’re ready for unexpected situations, make sure you have:

  • Car dusters to help you clean off the dust that inevitably accumulates when the car is stored for a long time
  • Rodent traps and bug repellent
  • A tire stopper to prevent wheels from slipping
  • Covers or car bags, either for outdoor protection from inclement weather or for extra protection against dust and scratches indoors
  • A dehumidifier to prevent an unpleasant smell inside the car
  • A shovel or ice scraper, especially if you’re storing the car outside

As you double-check window insulation, crank up the heating and pile on the cozy layers in preparation for the winter months, don’t forget to grab some extra accessories to care for your car as well. Winter storage can present some unique challenges, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with a little preparation and having the right tools on hand. Be sure to stock up on these basic accessories, pull out covers and storage bags as needed and your vehicle will still be in tip-top shape when the snow starts to melt away.


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