Just when you thought you knew how to differentiate between millennials and Generation X-ers, the term “Generation Z” came at you like a pile of smart tablets. Generation Z refers to the group of people born between 1997 and 2015. They’re young, intelligent, have gone through (and continue to experience) serious global changes, and are coming out of college, eager to start their careers.

Gen Z-ers born in the 1990s are looking for rewarding job opportunities that will positively impact their lives and on a global scale. These fresh young minds are ready to make a difference and are connected to technology in a way that no other generation has been before. By the time they were babies, the internet was practically a household item.

When they became teenagers, social media was in its prime. The concept of a rotary phone was precisely that — a concept, and maybe a novelty item in their grandparents’ basement. They’re a unique group of people that will offer an incredible amount of insight and wisdom to any organization.

Check out what you can expect from Gen Z employees and how you can attract them to your place of work.

Concern for the Future

Generation Z has only known constant change. From the tragedy of the September 11 attacks in 2001 to the current global pandemic to ongoing climate change, the last 20-odd years have been nothing short of historic. They’re also accustomed to information spreading like wildfire and have 24-7 access to worldwide news updates from all political sides. Younger people are more in touch with how the world works than any generation before them — issues are coming to light, such as mental health, environmental impacts, and racial and gender inequalities. They have the information and they’re ready to make a difference.

Hiring such individuals will improve your organization’s overall mandate. You’ll get the opportunity to be more inclusive and listen to these young people’s insightful ideas. To attract Gen Z, you must reconsider your company’s values. Are you transparent about job roles? Do you implement racism, sexism, environmentalism and ableism workshops into your training programs? Be mindful of such things because young people will want to see that you’re preparing for the present and the future.

Tech Savvy

Can you imagine a population that has never experienced life without the internet? Gen Z-ers were Googling before they were speaking. They have impeccable tech skills and could probably edit a design deck in their sleep. During interviews, take the time to discuss technology and what you could both bring to the table.

As the business world rapidly relies on social media and digital marketing as promotional tools, an enthusiastic Gen Z-er could help optimize your company’s branding with their passion and skillset, and you could help them build their career. It’s a win-win situation.

Hiring younger and talented people will encourage your workplace to see the world with fresh eyes. Gen Z is an incredibly unique group of people — while they’re young, they’ve also been exposed to so many critical moments in history.

They are tech-savvy and can enhance your company’s digital strategy with innovative and creative ideas. Reach out to a trusted professional recruitment agency that can find the perfect Gen Zers for your organization.


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