Everyone wants to spend a tension free life. To do this, we do businesses and jobs and keep finding better options to improve our life. It is a continuous struggle everyone is doing but not everyone is able to meet all the daily life and sudden expenses with their income.

There may be many solutions like taking loan and repaying with interest, starting any other part time job or investing in a new startup. You can do all such things when you have energy and power but what will you do when you are unable to do extra work, when you are retired from job, you are grown old and having low energy level.

All of sudden, you are on risk of health issues. As you know – chances of being sick are higher in old ages. Our immunity system gets weak when we grow old.

If so, how will you manage paying your hospital expenses or doctor fee or paying for the medicines? Keep in mind, you are retired and no more working. There’s no income source in this age. Need a solution? The solution is take medicare health insurance plans. There are many companies offering improved plans, you simply have to take the best one you need.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans

Normally we have Part-A and Part-B medicare plans but what about things that are not covered in both of these types? Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans are specially designed to provide covering of all those benefits that you may not get in A and B.

Medicare Supplement Plan 2020 can be taken through a private insurer and one must previously have Part A and B plans to get medigap. These medicare supplement plans are not like regular health insurance.

As name suggest, “supplement” which means it covers expenses that are not covered with regular insurance. If any insurance company is offering this plan, it must offer Part A and Part B also.

Medigap gives you benefits in these forms

Hospital Costs

It is possible you run out of days covered in your regular plan. There are charges you need to pay to hospital. Medigap covers these expenses

Nursing Facility

Again, if you ran out of days covered – you can get benefit with medigap.

Visit any Doctor

The most attractive thing in medigap is that there is no rules of network. You can visit any doctor that accepts medicare.

You get covering within and outside US

Medigap plans don’t leave you alone when you are not in US. You’ll have upto 80% covering on your emergency healthcare services even if you are travelling outside United States

It is for everyone

Most of people pay same premium. There is difference of gender. However premium price will increase with time as of inflation factor

Age Oriented

Medigap plans are age oriented, you’ll pay low premium if you are not old. Aged people may have higher premium amounts because of age factor

Final Words

Medicare Part A, B, C and D are different plans that you should take. These plans are dedicated to provide different types of covering. Like Part-D provide prescription drug coverage, Part A provide hospital coverage, Part B has medical coverage and C gives you benefits in what A & B doesn’t cover.


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