Why does Serpentine Belt Makes Noise?


It is rubberized like a Timing belt with a variation of delivering power to air conditioning, power steering, cooling system, alternator, and more vehicle parts. The Difference between the Serpentine Belt and vs Timing belt makes it very clear to readers. This belt is not only used in Cars but also in other machines as well.

In-Car, Generally; Serpentine belts are not repaired or maintained and work for 150,000 miles. They do not work forever because everything has its own life. The mechanic & Owner must have a regular inspection of the belt and do it at intervals.

We have had this in detail.

Why does Serpentine Belt Make Noise in Car?

Serpentine belt squeals when you do not inspect your fan. The multiple causes can be both to be worried and to be relaxed. Most drivers observe squealing when they drive in rain. A serpentine belt makes noise if there is some water on it.

Like Signs of Timing Belt, it also gives signs before tearing. Ribs do not correctly face the pulley. Mostly, belts work fine with little missing drives. But you must replace them instantly to avoid future damage to linked parts. A damaged belt from one side is a sign of misalignment.

Cranks are also signs of belt failure. Few cranks can be more than or near half. This is a clearer sign to replace the serpentine belt.

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