Now these days, the world is becoming digital. So, people prefer to do work online as well as run businesses online. Moreover, everyone is busy to process and run their business online to make a better digital presence.

No doubt, the world is depending on digital appearance whether to do shopping or run a business. Site’s owners are trying to familiarize their sites through online and social blogs.

To perform all these tasks, web hosting is the main need of this digital world. A web host offers a platform to run the services online without any difficulty or with better support.

So, the competition in this digital world is increasing day by day. On the other hand, there is a great coemption among the different hosting provider companies.

NameCheap and Hostinger are the main and leading hosting providers all around the world. However, the prices are a little bit different from one another. But the hosting services are almost similar.

To know this difference, we are doing a complete comparison of NameCheap and Hostinger. So, let’s see these hosting providers in details.

Advantages Of Hostinger Over Namecheap:

Hostinger is a great hosting provider. So, it has numbers of advantages over NameCheap that makes it better.

Support System:

Hostinger offers great customer support through live chat and phone calls for 24/7. Moreover, this host offers knowledge-based support as well. So, beginners can get better support.

On the other hand, the support team is cooperative and friendly. So, the users can interact with the team easily without any professional complexities.

User’s Friendly:

Hostinger provides the user’s friendly interface. So, beginners can work on it easily without any technical difficulties. Moreover, Hostinger offers a great site builder with a lot of templates.

Affordable Pricing Plans:

This web host offers the cheapest as well as affordable hosting plans. So the customers can get great hosting services even for the basic plans and packages.

The basic plan of Hostinger starts from $0.99 per month including unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Moreover, it allows the hosting services for one website.

Another competition with Hostinger the Bluehost has also the affordable pricing plans just from $2.75/m. They are offering quality hosting services 100% uptime recorded from the last few months.

Besides this, Hostinger offers the cheapest WordPress hosting services with fully optimized and managed resources.

The cost of a premium shared hosting plan is $2.89 per month including support for unlimited sites as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Refund Policy:

Hostinger offers great hosting services with the 30-days refund policy. So, the customers can return the services within a month.

Integrated Cpanel:

Cpanel is the main need to manage the sites efficiently. For this, Hostinger offers the integrated Cpanel for the better management of the sites.

So, the site’s owners can manage the sites and modify with full control over the sites.

Apart from these benefits, Hostinger provides promotional codes and prices to attract more clients. Through these promotional codes and prices, you can get a good discount on the pricing and plans.

On the other hand, you can get all the benefits and additional features through Hostinger coupon and promo codes. It will help to get the hosting services and plans at the cheapest rates.

Advantages Of NameCheap Over Hostinger:

There are numbers if following reasons or advantages to consider NameCheap over Hostinger:

Affordable Plans:

NameCheap offers affordable hosting plans start from $1.44 per month. Moreover, this plan includes unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and free CDN.

On the other hand, the cost of a stellar plan starts from $1.88 per month includes support for unlimited websites. Moreover, it includes unlimited bandwidth, storage space, real-time protection and the domain name.

Site Builder:

For beginners as well as professionals, NameCheap offers a great site builder with a number of templates. So, the developers can create sites with simple drag and drop options.

Live Support System:

NameCheap offers 24/7 live support services for the customers. So, the customers can get help with the hosting plans or any other issues related to hosting services quickly.

WordPress Features:

To deploy WordPress sites, NameCheap offers great services through the easy installation. Moreover, it helps to maintain and update the WordPress sites within no time. Apart from this, NameCheap has the best Cpanel to offer better control over the sites.

Email Accounts:

NameCheap offers the domain-based email address for the better representation of the business. Moreover, it offers real-time protection against spam or any kind of email threats.

Free SSL certificate:

Providing a secure platform for all the sites is the priority of NameCheap web host. So, the customers can trust the provider with the best security options.

For this, NameCheap offers the free SSL certificate as well as upgrade Cpanel with the latest version. Even for shared and basic hosting plans, this host offers the free SSL certificate for one year.

The best thing is, you don’t need to set up it as it’s already installed in the application.


AS we have provided the complete comparison for both web hosting providers. so, one can select the right option based on the site’s needs and requirements.

After reading the complete features and advantages, now, it’s your choice to choose the web host for your business. But before this, make sure you are choosing the host according to your budget as well as the site’s needs.


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