In many industries, such as manufacturing, air movers are essential to ensure continuous airflow and high-speed operation. The clean and oil-free air produced by an air mover is ideal for applications where moisture can be a problem.

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Types of Blowers

Air movers have become quite common today. Some of these include positive displacement, regenerative and centrifugal.

1. Regenerative Blowers

A regenerative air moving system uses non-negative displacement to move air. In this method, the regenerative blades have a ring of space between them. Since the regenerative system has two sets of blades, some of the air can escape through the first set and then contact the second set. This allows the air mover to move large volumes of air.

2. Positive Displacement Blowers

Unlike a regenerative system, a positive displacement air moving system uses positive displacement to move air. This method works by trapping the air instead of allowing it to escape. The flow of air coming from a positive displacement air moving system is generated by the rotor blades rotating in the opposite direction.

As the rotor blades move, the air trapped inside the chamber increases. This constant flow of air allows the positive displacement air moving system to continuously move air.

3. Centrifugal Blowers

Unlike positive displacement air moving systems, which use an impeller to move air, a centrifugal air moving system uses a low-pressure design to move air. Although the output of an impeller-based air moving system varies depending on its pressure, a positive displacement air moving system’s output remains constant even when its pressure changes.

Unlike regeneration systems, which use an impeller to move air, a centrifugal air moving system uses a different arrangement of its blades to create moving air. These systems are commonly used in various manufacturing processes, such as cooling and cleaning. They can also be utilized for moisture regulation and blow-off.

Air Flow and Impellers

The rotating impellers of a centrifugal air moving system create a vacuum by pushing the air through the blades. This process, which is referred to as air velocity, is fixed and does not affect the mass flow rate. Centrifugal air moving systems can achieve higher velocity and lower pressure by using lower flows.

Pressure and Energy

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The energy that’s transferred from the rotor blades to the air through the movement of the impellers helps increase the volume of the air stream. Maintaining low pressure is important to the operation of a centrifugal air blower. This is done by testing the system using different pressure measurements. These include the local pressure at a specific point and the cumulative pressure from the entire system.

The design of a centrifugal air blower is influenced by the features of its impeller, such as its length, angle, and speed of rotation. These factors play an important role in determining the amount of air that can be pushed through the system.

You should know the ins and outs of air blowers to be able to find the right one for your needs. Contact Jon-Don today for your air mover fan needs.

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