The interest in photo booths for weddings has gone up in the past few years, seeing as it adds to the color and fun of any occasion. A photo booth ensures that guests who don’t want to dance or need a break from the party atmosphere can get away and still have fun. Photo booths have a way of making people reveal their goofy sides, and those memories are always worth keeping.

The rise in demand for photo booths has also opened a window of opportunity for business-minded photography enthusiasts. Studio Z Photo Booth, a 360 photo booth called 360Z, offers 360 spin photo booth rental that allows guests to stand on a platform using a slow-motion arm to circle them. Photo booths have become such a phenomenon that even Kanye and Kim used one for their wedding. 

Why Photo Booths Have Become so Popular

Capture Your Events Mood

Professional pictures are lovely and may just about get your picture needs met. However, photo booth pictures can capture and reveal the occasion’s mood in a less formal manner. You also get to keep moments your photographer may have missed.

Encourages Friendships

Guests who want to relax after dancing can find something to do instead of sitting and making small talk. A photo booth ensures your guests are never bored at your party. Also, a photo booth is a great place for old friends to meet and new friendships to be formed. 

Creates Lasting Memories

You want to give your guests something they can keep. Most wedding mementos will be unused or thrown out. However, a good photo will be cherished and retained, especially when you can save it on your device. Great photo booth pictures leave lasting memories and can also be used as custom thank you cards. 

Types of Photo Booths

There are several photo booth options you can go for at your wedding.

Enclosed Photo Booth

You should opt for this type of booth if you want to give your wedding or party an old-school flavor. If you’re big on privacy, a closed photo booth lets you take pictures with friends and family away from the peering eyes of others.

Open Air Photo Booth

An open-air booth affords guests a lot of space and can fit many people in one picture. You can use unique props to customize and capture special memories. 

Social Photo Booth

No event is complete these days without social media. Social photo booths come with filter options and LED lights that allow you to take Facebook and Instagram-friendly pictures. These booths will also enable you to create gifs and boomerangs you can share with your phone. 

Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror photo booths come with customizable templates for a personal experience. Guests can sign their photos on the stall and place their signatures anywhere on their pictures. 


Tips for Choosing the Right Photo Booth Vendor

While there are many photo booth vendors on the internet, there are some things to watch out for before choosing a vendor for your wedding.

Number of Prints

Some vendors place a limit on the number of prints they allow for an event. However, guests may want to go home with more than one photo. If your budget permits, the ideal vendor would offer unlimited images.

Social Media Reviews

The reviews of satisfied or dissatisfied clients will give you an idea of what to expect. Regarding social media reviews, an abundance of negative reviews may not necessarily mean a company is so bad; dissatisfied clients often want to make their frustrations known. Lots of positive reviews, though, usually mean that clients are delighted with the service.

Photo Quality

A good photo vendor will have samples of quality prints and digital photos for you to check. Consider opting for a vendor with clear, professional-looking pieces. Video photo booth vendors should also have sample videos of previous events they’ve covered. 

Available Styles

Your vendor should have style options that meet any need. The attendants should also be warm individuals that’ll help your guests with any issues they might have at the booth. No one wants gloomy attendants at any wedding. 

Your Budget

Your budget plays a huge part in your choice of a photo booth. The average photo booth rental service will cost you between $400 to $500. However, 360 photo booth rental features, props, video capabilities, and other add-ons can increase costs. Enclosed booths typically cost more than open air-style booths. 

Starting a Photo Booth Rental Business

The business potential of the photo booth niche hasn’t gone unnoticed. Starting and running a photo booth is relatively inexpensive and can be highly rewarding. 

If you’re considering exploring this line of business, here are some tips to help you get up and running.

  • Do Your Research

The correct information plus a clearly defined goal is key to the success of any venture. It’d be best to know your target market, legal regulations, how much you’ll need to start and run your business, and how much profit you hope to make. 

  • Find a Space to Operate

A photo booth doesn’t take up much space, and owners usually have to move around for their operations. If you can’t find an opening at once, you can set it up from your home or garage.

  • Set Up a Great Website

The internet is vital to the success of your business. Most clients make their decisions based on what they see online. Your clients want to be able to reach you and get quotes. Most bookings for your services will also take place online. You may need a skilled web designer’s services to help you create a catchy and engaging website. 

  • Hire Only Skilled Workers

You want to hire only people who have a background in professional photography. However, you can also hire and train inexperienced but passionate and dedicated workers.

  • Market Your Business

Your business will fail to get off the ground if people are unaware of its existence. Spread the word. You can set up social media pages, hire influencers to promote your new business and offer your clients deals. You can also organize a launch party and invite those you think will be interested. Anything that brings clients through the door is a welcome idea.  


Seeing as your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, you’ll no doubt want to preserve as much of it as possible. Guests also want to leave with something to remember your event by. A photo booth enlivens your wedding, lets your guests come out of their shells, and enables you keep fond memories. 


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