Studies say, stripping children from playing with guns is not a better idea. Let your child play with the guns and toys. All you need to take care of is that some boundaries have to be planned to understand your child’s developmental values. Every toy or game plays a different role in the development of your child’s social morals. A minor good guy – bad guy role is essential to play to set limits on these types of games.

They must be careful while playing

Take a look at the safety risks that can come from toy weapons. There is a difference in every type of gun, so you need to be careful with the one you are dealing with. Make your child understand the risks related to that toy and gameto take some precautions at his level. This also helps them in their mental development.

Ask for permission before pointing or shooting at other’s faces

 Children must not be encouraged to point guns at everyone’s face. They must take permission first. The play must be enjoyed when both the persons agree. You must not keep the guns home if you are uncomfortable or think they can harm your child.

Keep an eye on your child when they are playing with these guns

Keep a check on your child while gunplay. Might they hurt people or animals accidentally so that you can prevent them from these types of mistakes. Also, take care that they don’t develop aggressive behavior, lack of remorse, or empathy. These can be serious concerns to be looked for.

Make sure kids are aware of the rules and follow them

For example, make it clear before letting them play that the one your child is playing with also owns a gun or not. And if yes, then make them follow the rules. These will make them develop better etiquettes.

It is essential to set some boundaries when you let your child play with guns. It will help them understand and develop the crucial things to be considered while playing. The nerf gun for 2 year old will be helpful in many ways. They will be careful enough themselves, which helps them deal with the social and moral values. Also, it gives safety to your child. Finally, it will help them in the future when the stakes can be much higher.


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