Cobrowing software opens a path for the agents and the customers to browse a website or a webpage collaboratively, using a mobile phone or desktop in real-time. Over the years, browsing has been seen being used widely by organizations in an attempt to improve their customer service and customer relations. The most common application of cobrowsing is in customer service. Still, it is also used by sales teams to improve the quality of their conversation and increase the interactiveness of their sessions.

Also known as collaborative browsing, the technology opens a channel that enables people to contact and join another person on an existing website to examine and surf the web in real-time. In customer services, it is used to solve and understand the consumers’ problems in a better way. Co-browsing certainly enhances the customer experience of your organization.

How Can You Use It?

There are three ways to use co-browsing: phone calls, live chat, and web calling.

  • Phone Calls:

In this scenario, the agent asks the customer for a pin from the website and enters the pin to join the customer’s session in real-time. The PIN is often hidden and can’t be accessed directly without the permission of the customer.

  • Live Chat

In this scenario, the agent from the organizations offers the customer to begin co-browsing using the live chat.

  • Web Calling

In such an instance, the agent offers the customers to begin a co-browsing session through a web calling session.

How Does Co-Browsing Work?

Organizations have started preferring co-browsing over screen-sharing sessions. This is usually used alongside a live chat session which allows the customer to get connected to the agent in real-time and get his or her problems solved most quickly without any hassle. From the customer’s point of view, this might be the best thing to directly give access to their browser’s web page to an agent who can then solve the problem in real-time without sticking to the traditional method of the phone call.

Co-Browsing creates a private channel through which both the parties can interact with each other in real-time with complete security. You must know that cobrowsing is entirely reliable in terms of privacy and security. Anyone given access to your page can only see the particular web page approved by the user in co-browsing and cannot surf anywhere else or close the browser.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Over the years, many kinds of research have reflected that co-browsing tools have resulted in the increased value for the organization. These tools have been a boon for the agents. It provides them an utterly barrier-free conversation opportunity with the customer and even the ability to fix things by themselves in real-time. This is a lot similar to being a physical guide to the customers. This certainly makes the process of customer service faster, efficient, and customer orientated, which directly results in the betterment of the organization.

So, if you want to create opportunities to increase profits, that is, increase the frequency of customer returns, repeat orders and increase customer loyalty, as well as reduce costs by reducing the cost of targeted action and digitizing the contact center, then increase the efficiency of your customer service communications with co-browsing.

This solution, current time, will allow not only to build “seamless” communication with the consumer but also to attract new customers, increase sales, service quality, and business efficiency. Especially during the times of COVID-19, this steps up as a virtual physical walk-in store for the customers where they can find the cure to their problems in real-time.


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