There are legal rights that you, as a parent, enjoy concerning the well-being of your children. It includes decisions revolving around the religion practiced, education received, and healthcare of your kids. Such rights can be limited in cases where child custody arises owing to a divorce or separation.

Termination of your parental rights can be voluntary or initiated by a court ruling taken in the child’s interest. Seeking a professional family law lawyer’s intervention is beneficial when you voluntarily choose to terminate your rights as a parent.

When you physically or sexually abuse your kid, if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or are incapable of fulfilling your parental duties, courts intervene. Such a court ruling to terminate your parental rights is passed to safeguard your little ones.

Seeking Termination of Parental Rights

You may have to make that hard decision to give up your parental rights in the listed scenarios:

  • So your child can be legally adopted by another
  • When you are unable to provide for your child
  • Have not maintained contact with your offspring for years together
  • You do not have a solid support system to lean on

When such rights are legally terminated, you are no longer responsible for your child’s actions, nor can you be their primary decision-maker. The question of paying child support or your kid inheriting your property does not arise either. Termination of parental rights is binding and final on the parties involved.

Entrusting an experienced family law lawyer to file a petition on your behalf helps initiate the termination proceedings. Such a petition must outline the basis for giving up on your parental rights, child’s details, medical and social history.

Legal Options

It is undoubtedly a painful decision to relinquish your rights as a parent. The legal options for you after this big step include:


If your partner or spouse has remarried, your child can then be legally adopted by the step-parent. Your parents or your partner’s parents are also eligible to adopt, depending on where the kid is likely to have a good upbringing.

As a biological parent, you can alternately choose to surrender your child to an adoption agency or consent to private adoption. In the latter case, you pick a set of parents who will fulfill the duties you once had. After weighing all the relevant factors, it is advisable to proceed with this irrevocable decision.

Given how complicated these cases may get, it is always better to take legal advice from professionals. The Cantor Law Group firm will help you make things clearer and find a solution that satisfies the parties implicated

Foster Care

In situations where your child cannot be surrendered for adoption owing to a developmental disability, handicap, or emotional turmoil, foster care is an option. Instead of being brought up in a nuclear family, your kid enters an institutional setting.

This arrangement is more temporary when compared to adoption. However, your child’s stay in foster care may get extended for want of a stable home environment. There is often a shortage of safe abodes when it comes to minor children.

Consult with a seasoned family law lawyer before taking this drastic step, as you need to understand the consequences of your action and prioritize your child’s interests.


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