If you’re not already using health-tracking applications, you’re missing out. It’s incredibly challenging to stay on top of your physical and mental health game when dealing with a busy workday and hectic schedule. Luckily, health-monitoring applications offer a seamless solution by storing relevant data based on your personal exercise and nutrition goals. Mental and physical health tracking apps can remind you to workout, track your sleep habits, and evaluate your menstrual cycle. Read on for the most innovative applications that will keep you in the know regarding your well-being.

Clue period tracker 

Clue Period Tracker allows you to trace your flow, symptoms, and research menstrual cycle hormones to understand your period fully. The application uses science to predict various period details, from your menstruation start date to your peak fertility window. The more you know, the better when it comes to your health, particularly your menstrual health. Having access to scientifically-backed data on your period can help you plan and notice irregularities from the get-go. Additionally, the app creators frequently consult with universities and scientists to upgrade Clue’s interactive features and tracking abilities.


If you’re seeking an efficient food-tracking app, look no further than MyFitnessPal. The application includes a food diary with a massive database of different types and brands, enabling you to scan in products and receive accurate nutritional info. MyFitnessPal also allows users to establish personal goals—like gaining muscle or losing weight—and provides caloric intake suggestions based on their intentions. You can search for nearly any type of food, set reminders to help you stay on track, and check-in with other users in the community forum.


It’s no secret that quality sleep can work wonders on your mood, performance, and overall health. Not logging enough shut-eye hours can drastically hinder your ability to tackle each day, as your body uses sleep to repair and restore itself. Inadequate rest can leave you with a compromised immune system, irregular hormone levels, and fatigue, ultimately adversely affecting your physical and mental health.

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, try to pinpoint underlying issues by utilizing sleep tracking applications like SleepCycle and get a glimpse into your night. The application tracks your sleeping heart rate and notes any disturbances like snoring or movement, giving you a fuller picture of your sleeping patterns. It also notifies you when you’re engaging in irregular sleep patterns, so you can take steps to mitigate inadequate rest.


Are you looking to workout without an expensive gym membership? Luckily, 8Fit allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home. The application offers customizable fitness programs, meal plans, and words of encouragement for beginners. You can reach your goals by following a curated series of moves—chosen from over 350 exercises—that don’t require a single piece of equipment. 8Fit will help you stay in shape without disrupting your schedule, inspiring you to achieve and maintain a healthier long-term routine.


Studies have linked stress to several leading causes of death—including cancer and suicide—and can severely impact your quality of life. If anxiety is the culprit of your current health woes, Happify may be the app for you. The application utilizes extensive mental health research to help boost your mood and emotional health. Users can ease stress and negative thoughts by playing science-backed games or meditating via the app. With regular use, Happify trains your brain to think more positively, equips you with coping tools, and offers mindfulness exercises.

Final thoughts 

When it comes to trying out new health-monitoring applications, there is no time like the present to begin your journey into healthy living. With apps like MyFitnessPal, SleepCycle, and Happify, you can cover all your bases, monitoring mental and physical health. Set reminders, track your caloric intake, monitor your menstrual flow, and engage with health-based communities to keep you moving and motivated.


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