It’s the cold, hard truth: many children are still experiencing daycare abuse all around the country today.
But since daycare workers have the responsibility to take care of all the children under their wings, any
the negligent act should warrant legal action to ensure that they are protected from this inhumane type of
So, if you’re a parent, relative, or guardian, it’s very important to watch out for these common warning
signs of daycare abuse. Additionally, keep an eye out for any of the most common school and daycare injuries. Stay vigilant:
Behavioral changes. Withdrawn behavior is one of the most noticeable signs of daycare abuse.
So, if a child suddenly becomes shy or isolated, it could be a red flag that abuse is happening in
daycare. Some children, on the other hand, become more aggressive, especially after
experiencing abuse for a long time.
Apprehension. If a child used to be excited to go to daycare and now, he throws a tantrum when
being dropped off or if you feel any apprehension when taken to this place, it could be a sign of
a traumatic experience in that facility.
Hunger or thirst. In a lot of instances, daycare workers may neglect their responsibility of making
sure that the child is well-fed during daycare. This results in a hungry or thirsty child right after
you pick him up from the facility.
Nightmares. While it’s not uncommon for children to have nightmares every now and then,
recurring nightmares could be a sign of a terrifying experience at daycare. Some daycare
workers tend to scare children with masks and threats to make them follow what they want.
Diaper rash. Negligent daycare workers won’t fulfill their responsibility of taking care of the child
including changing their diapers when soiled. This could result in constant diaper rash and in
some cases, you could pick up the child wearing the same soiled diaper he wore when you
dropped him off.
Lack of focus. Abused children will not have enough focus because of the trauma that the
experience caused them. Some children may not even be able to remember certain parts of the
abuse because they tend to shut them off their heads to escape the painful experience.
Tantrums. This is especially evident in younger children who might cry frequently not because
they’re hungry or sleepy, but because they’ve experienced being abused. Some children may
also isolate themselves and spend time just staring into space.
Interest in sexual matters. Children naturally have no idea about sexuality at an early age. So, if a
the child becomes too conscious of her genital area or if she starts asking sexual questions that are
not appropriate for her age, it could be a sign that she’s experiencing abuse in daycare.
Children of all ages should be protected from daycare abuse and the people who do these horrendous
So, if you notice that your child or someone else’s child is exhibiting one or more of these signs, you
shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional help right away. This will not only get the issue resolved faster

but it will also help the child feel more protected in what should be a safe space for him—the daycare
center. If you believe that a child is being abused or have any other reason to suspect foul play, reach
out to this number: 1-800-962-2873.


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