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Every company and store offers credit cards that you can choose according to your preferences and credit scores. The recent updates about Walmart are that it has created a partnership with Synchrony Bank and Capital One, which has made Walmart’s credit card more reliable and trustworthy for its users.

If you are a fan of shopping at Walmart, then the Walmart credit card can prove to be the finest source of getting exclusive rewards, discounts, and cashback on every Walmart purchase.

This credit card is an excellent choice for people who are used to paying their bills on time and carry a good credit score. This detailed guide will provide you with all the information you need to know before getting it.

Perks and Benefits

With Walmart credit cards, you’ll never be short on rewards. Having his credit card in your wallet is definitely worth it because Walmart never lets its customers’ loyalty fade away. The following are some major perks you’ll get when you start using this card.

  1. $0 annual fee
  2. No foreign transaction fee
  3. Smart chip included
  4. Walmart bonus: 5% back on in-store purchases for the first 12 months by using Walmart Pay at checkout.
  5. earn 5% back on purchases made on or through the Walmart mobile app.
  6. Earn 2% back on every in-store purchase at least after the first-year promotion ends.
  7. 2% cashback on Murphy USA or Walmart gas stations.
  8. 2% back on travel expenses and dining at restaurants.
  9. You can redeem your rewards for account credits, gift cards, airfare, hotel stays, or rental car reservations.
  10. Zero liability If your card is lost or stolen.
  11. Manage your account anywhere, anytime. Pay your bill, view your balance, check transactions & more.

Walmart Credit Cards Requirements

Similar to any other credit card, Walmart’s credit card also has some eligibility requirements to approve you of their card. Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria before you decide to apply for a Walmart credit card:

  1. A good credit score of 640 or more
  2. The applicant must be at the age of 18 or more at the time of application
  3. You must have a permanent mailing address, a functional email address, and a phone number.
  4. You must carry an SSN and identity proof provided by the Government of the US.
  5. You must be a permanent legal resident of the United States of America.
  6. You must not apply for another card at the time of applying for the Walmart credit card.
  7. The applicant must not be indulged in any criminal activity, delinquency, fraud, or bankruptcy.
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How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card

  1. Visit and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  2. If you already have an account, simply sign in by entering your email address and password. In case you forgot your password, you can redeem it through an email by clicking on the “Forgot password” link.
  3. If you don’t have an account, then create one.
  4. Enter your full name, email address, and choose a strong password for your account and select “keep me signed in” for easy access the next time you visit your account.
  5. Now, log in to your Walmart account and open the application form. Fill up all the required fields with authentic and relevant information.
  6. Submit your form and you’ll receive a notification that your application has been received.
  7. You can also check your credit card application status through your account.

You can also apply for a Walmart credit card by dialing 1-877-969-3668, or simply visit your nearest store with all your documents and fill up the paper form.

Walmart Credit Card Activation

You can easily activate your Walmart credit card online or by phone number.

  1. For online activation, you have to sign in to your credit card account and look for the card activation option. Click it to redirect to the new page. Enter your credit card number, SSN, and other personal information required.
  2. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, you can simply call the customer support center at 1 (877) 294-7880. Press 1 for general inquiry and enter your credit card number followed by a “#”. After that, provide the representative with the information you are asked for.

Walmart credit card payment methods

The following are the easiest acceptable payment options for Walmart credit card:

Online Payment

  1. Most Walmart users make their payments online due to the speed and convenience. You can easily make Walmart credit card payments while sitting on your couch.
  2. Visit the official Walmart credit card website and navigate through the sign-in page.
  3. Log into your account and search for the “Account Management Page”.
  4. Select “Make a Payment” and enter your zip code, account number, bank branch, credit card number, and last 4 digits of your SSN.
  5. Enter the payable amount and submit your payment.
  6. Once you receive the confirmation notification, you can check your Walmart credit card balance for assurance.

Pay through phone

Simply dial 1-877-294-7880 and use the automated service to provide all the payment details for a free payment. If you need a representative to assist you with the payment procedure, it will cost you $10 as service charges.

Mailing Address

You can also mail your payments to the following mailing address.

PO Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

Paying in store

If you just want to take a walk for that bulging tummy, why not make your payments directly in person? Search for the nearest Walmart store with the help of or Google Maps, and make your payments.

Customer Care Services

Customer care number: (877) 937-4098

1 (877) 294-7880

Official website:

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