The first contact together with your office is what leaves an enduring impression on your visitor. 

How sure are you that your reception staff are capable of creating an ideal first impression?

No matter how well trained, citizenry tend to err either while making the primary contact or while listening of visitor details. 

How are you able to make your office lobby a welcoming place for both VIP guests also as other visitors?

Enter the best visitor tracking software during and the way a quick check-in solution can deliver an exceptional front office experience. 

What is a Visitor Management System?

Visitor management systems are digital systems that completely automate the whole visitor sign up and inspect process. These highly secure systems are primed to make sure that visitor details are captured accurately, check ins are completed on time and therefore the right notifications are sent to the proper resources to make sure a seamless entry and exit.

Even with the prevailing reception staff, best visitor tracking software have proved to be an excellent boon to offices that are focused on making the simplest first impression.

Think of visitor pass software as digital receptionists. With a tablet interface which will be customised together with your company’s information, a visitor management system like Ara can effectively welcome a visitor, capture their details and photograph, record any items they’ll be carrying on premises, validate their information in seconds, generate a notification to the persons they’re alleged to be meeting and facilitate their movement within the office. The visitor management system also can have them sign an NDA where required and permit for a seamless checkout process.

Quick and straightforward sign up for visitors

In the world of automation, everyone likes to try to to things themselves. 

It is why we like better to head to a web form for filling out government mandated documentation, instead of standing during a queue to urge it done.

This is why online banking may be a great hit compared to the normal teller and counter system.

That’s why shoppers prefer online shopping instead of having a store assistant hovering over their shoulder constantly. 

If people wish to do things themselves with minimal contact with another person, then we should always give them what they have , correct?

Enter the self check-in solution provided by visitor management systems. 

Self check-in opens an entire new world of convenience for both you and your visitor. 

Let’s take a glance at how that might work: When a visitor enters your facility, they’re immediately identified supported the sort of visitor they’re.

They then move to a self check-in kiosk where they will quickly and conveniently log in their details into a digital form. Their host is notified of their entry and is instantly summoned to escort them to their meeting room. After the meeting, their inspect is facilitated even as promptly. 


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