Video marketing is using videos for promoting your product or service. This is an excellent medium because you have the flexibility of providing ex-plainer videos, how-to-videos, and corporate training videos, which makes communication with the audience much more accessible. 

Video Marketing

Video editors help you make impacting videos. There are free online options you can search using the keywords, ‘what is the best video editor for free.’ 

Why Go for Video Marketing?

Video marketing has great benefits, such as: 

Improve SEO Ranking

Video marketing leads to higher SEO rankings and conversion. Video marketing through YouTube means you get a broad reach with proper tagging. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Video demonstration of a product is convincing for customers, and they are likely to buy the product. 

Easy Access

Video marketing is possible on multiple platforms like video boards, broadcast television, or YouTube. Videos can be accessed by smartphones anytime and anywhere. It is also more cost-effective compared to traditional paper marketing.

Higher Retention Rates

The combination of audio and visual is compelling, leading to retention rates of 80%. 

Emotional Appeal

The human element in a video can establish a direct connection with the audience. This has a more significant impact on the audience. 

These are the reasons for which video marketing is the preferred choice for marketers. 

Planning a Video Marketing Campaign

When you are planning a video marketing campaign, you need proper market research, analysis of competitors, and identifying your target audience. 

Your strategy should address the message you intend to convey how you want to influence your audience, and the CTA or call to action. 

To make sure that your video is impacting, you need to use the right template. If you are a financial advisor, you should use financial advisor facebook ad templates available on various sites. 

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that you can leverage to promote your financial advisory business. You need to know what it takes to start a successful video marketing campaign. 

Types of Marketing Videos

The type of marketing video would depend on the purpose you want to achieve. 

Demo Videos

The best way to explain the working of a product is through a demo video. When a practical demonstration is shown, the customer is convinced about the quality of the product. 

Brand Videos

These are advertising campaigns for well-established brands to showcase their vision, mission, products, or services. 

Event Videos

If you want to market a specific event like a fundraiser, use these videos. 

Interview Videos

Interviews of experts and industry influencers can be shared with the audience. 

Instructional Videos

Teaching concepts or specific trending topics are best achieved through such videos.

Explainer Videos

You can use these videos to explain the solution provided by your product or service. 

Animated Videos

Difficult concepts can be explained better with animated videos. 

Customer Testimonials

You can create a case study with actual customer testimonials to highlight the quality of your product or service. 

Live Videos

Watching live streaming of an event is in high demand, so it’s the best way to promote events or interviews. 

VR Videos

Viewers can get the real feel of a tour with virtual reality videos.

AR Videos

Augmented reality videos let you visualize what an object would look like in a particular area. 

Personalized Messages

You can convey a message to your patrons through such videos. 

Making a Video For Your Business

The following steps should be followed for making a video:


During the planning stage, you need to identify your target audience, decide your goal, the platform on which your video will go live, when do you want to release the video, and measuring the success of the video.


To be concise and impactful your video needs a script. There are some Instagram hacks that you should know, like blog post version and video script. 

Camera Basics

Whether you are using your iPhone, Prosumer cameras, or professional cameras, you need to know their features and how they can be used. You must be conversant with concepts like frame rate, aperture, and shutter speed. 

Studio Setup

Your studio must have the necessary equipment, audio, and lighting equipment.

Right Team

Your team should have the proper experience, and you should get the composition basics right. You should know what are establishing shots, medium shots, and close-ups. 

Shooting for Edit

When shooting a video, cover the different shots keeping in mind that the film will be edited. 

Video Editing

There are a lot of online video resources like InVideo, where you can get free video editing facilities. 

Appropriate Music

For a video to be impacting, the right music is essential for audience engagement. 

Voice Over

A video narration of what is being shown adds value to your video. You need to test, prepare, and find the right location. 

There are many video-hosting platforms like YouTube, which will help you reach your target audience better. 

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Choosing the right social media platform is also an essential part of video marketing. 


You can post videos on this platform to share a new blog or interact with your audience. Keep your videos short. 

Facebook and Instagram

People in offices or daily commuters use Facebook and Instagram, so it is essential that your video can be watched without sound as well. 


This platform should be used if you want a specific category of prospects to be diverted to your site. 


You can use this platform for providing tutorials or sharing videos of experts.

Using Inbound Technology

Your video marketing strategy needs to be comprehensive and ensure that it attracts the audience and visitors, converts the leads, closes the customers, and delights the promoters. 

The flywheel approach is used with the customers at the center. 

Defining Your Goal

You need to be clear about the primary goal of your video. Is it brand awareness or client engagement? The age of your target audience, their consumption patterns, or their interests are the metrics to be considered.


While it seems like a lot of planning, there are many tools to help you with your video marketing. So define your target audience and decide the right platform to promote your brand. 

Once you have implemented your video marketing strategy, find out if you have achieved the desired impact or not by analyzing the results. The right video marketing will ensure that you achieve the desired business success. 


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