Truist Bank Login Guide – Complete Step by Step Process

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Truist Bank is a rapidly growing online platform headquartered in Charlotte, North California. BB&T and SunTrust decided to merge and form this bank in December 2019. This financial institution has since then served millions of customers in the United States. Truist Bank is now one of the largest banks in the country, with assets of over $500 billion and operations in 15 states and Washington, D.C.

Continue reading the article and learn more about Truist Banking System, how to log in, its benefits, and much more.

About Truist Bank

Whether you’re an individual wanting a personal account or a business partner wishing to open up a joint account, Truist Bank helps you in either way. It aims to provide convenient banking solutions to small businesses and large corporations. For the past three years and even before that, when it wasn’t named “Truist,” the corporation delivered a modern banking experience that meets every customer’s needs.

One of the key features of Truist Bank is its digital banking platform. The bank offers a range of digital services, including online banking, mobile banking, and a mobile app that allows customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit checks from anywhere at any time. In addition, this bank is dedicated to supporting the communities it serves. It has special funding plans for Low- and Moderate-income (LMI) and minority borrowers. Moreover, the well-established bank has been making efforts to launch affordable housing, education, and economic empowerment plans.

Besides all these great services, it has a separate Truist Foundation to create financial opportunities for deserving communities. The bank is being named one of the Best Workplaces for Diversity by Fortune Magazine, setting the standard for the future of banking.

Getting Connected to Truist Bank

You’d be satisfied to be a part of Truist Bank as its customer. If you have recently registered as a new customer of this bank, know that you can now enjoy banking services how you want and at any time. There is a pretty easy way to log in to the bank account online and get access to as many banking services as you can. It means you can easily pay your bills, transfer money, check bank statements, or receive the amount through Truist Online Bank.

You can choose from a variety of options when opening a new account. It can be a:

  • Featured Account
  • Banking Account
  • Saving Account

Moreover, Truist Bank helps its customers open up small businesses by giving loans. It also has the facility to provide robo-advisors, assisting you in investments.

How to Create a Truist Online Bank Account?

Keeping your essential information while signing in for a new bank account is important. Make sure you have got a valid email address, employment and income information, and social security number.

After collecting and keeping essential documents with you, follow the below steps and immediately create a new account.

Step 1: Go to your preferred browser and type It will direct you towards the banking platform. You can open it on your mobile phone, computer, or laptop.

Step 2: There is an option that says “Sign in” at the top right corner; click that button. After clicking, it will give two main options, “Small Business Account” and “Personal Account.” You have to click on the personal account.

Step 3: The next page will prompt with further options to choose from, including:

  • ATM or Debit Card Number
  • Prepaid Debit Card Number
  • Truist Account Number
  • I don’t have a Truist Account yet

Choose the option as per your desire and enter the required details. If you are a new customer, click “I don’t have a Truist Account yet.”

Step 4: Add the required details in the spaces given on the screen. If you’re creating a personal account, it will only ask you for your personal information and a social security number on top. However, creating a business account demands valid evidence, including employment and income information.

Step 5: Finally, you will receive a unique username and password after creating the account. Make your first deposit and ready-set-go!

Step-by-Step Guide to Truist Bank Login

In order to access your account on the Truist Bank website, you need to log in with your username and password. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you log in to your Truist Bank account.

person hand holding debit car and usnig laptop

Step 1: Open the Truist Bank Website

Open your preferred web browser and type “” in the address bar. Press Enter to access the Truist Bank website.

Step 2: Click on the “Sign-in” Button

On the top right corner of the Truist Bank homepage, you will see a “Sign-in” button. Click on it to get directed towards the login box. It will say “Online Banking Sign-in.”

Step 3: Enter your User ID

Enter your Truist Bank user ID in the field provided on the login page. Make sure you enter your correct username to avoid any login issues.

Step 4: Enter your Password

Once you’ve entered your username, the next step is to enter your password. Type your Truist Bank password in the field provided. The password is case-sensitive, so make sure you enter it correctly.

Step 5: Click on “Sign in”

After entering your username and password, click the “Sign in” button to access your Truist Bank account.

Step 6: Access your Account Dashboard

Once you’ve successfully logged in to your Truist Bank account, you will be directed to your account dashboard. From here, you can access your account information, check your account balance, view your transaction history, and perform various other banking tasks.

Note: If you log in to your account for the first time, you may be prompted to set up additional security measures, such as a security question or two-factor authentication. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete these steps.

How to Recover Your Truist Bank Account if You Forget the Credentials?

In case you forget your user ID or password, you can easily reset it by providing the required details.

Recovering User ID

Step 1: After you click on “Forgot my ID,” it will take you to a page where you will see the “Account Type.”

Step 2: Click on the type of account, either Personal or Business.

Step 3: If it is a personal account, provide them with your account number, the last 5 digits of the SSN, your zip code, your last name, and your contact information.

Step 4: Similarly, if you’ve forgotten the user ID for your business account, provide them with essential data, including your account number, the last 5 digits of your Tax ID, the last name of your business user, zip code, and contact information.

Step 5: Finally, after verifying your identity, you will get a new user ID immediately at your provided phone number or email.

Recovering Password

Step 1: After you click on “Reset Password,” it will take you to a page where you will see some information required.

Step 2: Provide them with your attached email. Moreover, enter the last 5 digits of your SSN, EIN, or ITIN. At last, enter your user ID and click on “continue.”

Step 3: You will be provided with a new auto-generated password soon.

Benefits of Logging in With Truist Bank

Every customer wants the ease of online banking, and Truist Bank has been working to satisfy its clients since it was created. Logging in to your account as a Truist Bank customer would help you have numerous banking benefits. It will not only make your experience convenient but also secure and personalized.

Some of the key advantages are:

  1. You can instantly get access to your account information, including bank balance, previous transactions, statement history, and more. It helps customers keep a check, manage their finances, and stay up-to-date on their account status.
  2. Business people who want to keep their bank details confidential find this Truist Bank efficient as it provides enhanced security through a multi-factor authentication system. It works by verifying your true identity, thus, making it harder for unauthorized parties to access your account.
  3. With the Truist Bank account, anyone can personalize their banking experience as it is easily set up to receive important notifications. You don’t have to worry or reconfirm large transactions made, as the customer will be notified.
  4. This baking system provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to log in to your online account. This digital platform has been of great help to quickly transfer funds between accounts, view statement histories, or pay essential bills.
  5. Customers with premium levels are given additional banking benefits, such as a 50% loyalty bonus on entitled credit cards, unlimited ATM monthly transactions, waived-off monthly maintenance fees, etc.

Is there a Mobile App for Truist Bank?

Yes, there is a free and convenient-to-use mobile app for all users of Truist Bank. You can now enjoy an entire bank in your pocket. The only requirement to use this free banking app is to have a Truist bank account and be a resident of the United States.

The app lets you check your balance, get personalized options, make payments, receive money, and much more at just a click away. The Customers find it easy to manage their finances this way, but just make sure you’re using the latest Android 8.0 or version above it. Similarly, for Apple users, it requires iOS 14.0 or above.

How to Contact Truist Customer Care?

We tried to help you in every possible way, but if you still have further queries, you can contact the bank team directly. Truist Online Banking offers several options to communicate with them. These are:

Through a Phone Call

Get in touch with the team to know your general account information by calling 844-487-8478. The customer care representatives are active during the following:

  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET from Monday through Friday
  • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET on Saturday, and
  • Closed on Sunday

However, you can receive automated daily assistance (24-hour service).

Meet in Person

If you’re not satisfied with the services given on call or if you’re a serious issue to be resolved, you can also visit your nearest branch and meet them in person.

Connect through Social Media

Another way to contact the Truist Bank team is to connect to them through Truist’s social media accounts. Just make sure never to provide your account number, password, PIN, or SSN whenever you contact the team through social media.

Bottom Line

It was all about a complete guide and assistance regarding setting up and logging in to a new account with Truist Bank. Whether opening a new bank account or logging in with your old one, the bank has a pretty straightforward process. Simply visit the website, choose the desired option, fill out the required details, and you’re good to go!

For further queries, the bank has its own section of FAQs, so you can go and check them to find any relevant questions of yours.

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