Toyota Timing Belt Replacement Cost – All Models

Toyota Chain Belt

The timing belt is a belt made of rubber located in the engine compartment and used to keep the crankshaft and camshaft strongly coherent so that the valve timing of your car remains always right. You can also use a timing chain in the place of the timing belt because both serve the same purpose.

The timing belt is used in the internal combustion engines of your cars. Cogged Belts were common in automobiles from the 1970s and 1980s. Timing belts are cheap, lighter, and easily operate able. A drive Belt exactly does what it is named “to keep the engine in time

Working in Car – Timing Belt

The timing belt is usually a rubber belt, consisting of a crankshaft and camshaft valves. These crankshaft and camshaft valves are synchronized with each other to reduce the effects of incorrect valve timing on the engine.

In a standard-form engine, there are four strokes or valves, and the working of a timing belt depends upon the correct opening and closing of these four strokes\valves.

Following are the four strokes\valves of an engine;

  • Intake Stroke
  • Compression Stroke
  • Combustion Stroke
  • Exhaust Stroke

Intake Stroke

The piston slips downward, and the intake stroke opens to inhale the mixture of air and fuel into the cylinder. The exhaust stroke would remain closed.

Compression Stroke

In this stroke, the piston moves upward to compress the mixture of air and fuel. All the valves would be remaining closed.

Combustion Stroke

The piston moves downward, the spark plug triggers the mixture of compressed air and fuel to generate power for the vehicle. All the valves should also remain closed.

Exhaust Stroke

Finally, in this stroke, the intake stroke remains closed but the exhaust stroke should be open, allowing an extra mixture of air and fuel to leave the engine.

Keep crankshaft and camshaft within synchronization, to maintain belt timing. Because if the crankshaft and camshaft are out of sync, then it affects valve timing (open and close during wrong strokes) and also causes destruction to the engine.

4 Warning Symptoms of a Timing Belt

Here are some critical signs that indicate, your Timing Belt is wearing out or might be broken– which will replace by a mechanic or replace the car belt at home and save other internal components of the engine from damage. Be sure to buy the correct size mentioned in the owner manual if you are trying to do it at home.

Engine Misfires

The timing belt is attached to pulleys that run on the crankshaft and camshaft valves. In some situations, the belt will slip from the camshaft drive and cause one stroke to open or close earlier than it should.

This happening caused misfire situations. This is the worn-out signal for your vehicle’s engine. If not replaced soon, it might cause more engine damage.

Oil Leaking from the Vehicle

Oil leak from vehicles is another issue regarding Timing Belts. The timing belts cover is secured by a number of nuts and bolts but it comes obsolete over time and causes leakage.

Engine’s Squeaking

While rotating on the crankshaft and camshaft, teeth on Timing Belt help to synchronize both valves with each other. Once these teeth start falling off, the timing belt loses its grip and starts slipping away from the valves.

This happening causes a jolt in the engine, and the engine will start poor working because the camshaft timing is off. It will cause squeaking of the engine.

The Engine won’t Start

You may hear the starter motor turning off your car but nothing happens. This is the time when your Timing Belt is totally broken and runoff. And if the engine starts ruining after two or three trials, don’t be happy.

You’ll need to access a mechanic that repairs your car before its engine would be drastically damaged if your drive belt broke.

When you are going to a mechanic to repair your Timing Belt, make sure that the Timing of the engine should be correct after it has been replaced.

Suzuki Car

Timing Belts for Toyota Cars

Replacement of the Timing belt is necessary for scheduled belt replacement of vehicles. If you will neglect it, it may cause major failures in the engine. Even if your belt is costly, you should not wait to break, it must be serviced regularly to enjoy peaceful rides.

The average price will be $200 and can go to $1500. You can Try Dayco Belt

The Timing Belts in your vehicles. Like other parts of vehicles, Timing Belt also has some wear and tear. So, if the Timing Belt looks worn or combats then you should look to have it replaced as soon as possible.

The whole working of your Vehicle is depended upon the correct timing of opening and closing of valves. Consult with a mechanic when there are some warning signs and your Timing Belt is working properly. Replacement of the Timing Belt within time ensures the smooth working of your vehicle.

Min $
Max $
Toyota Auris
Toyota Avensis
Toyota AvensisnVerso
Toyota AYGO
Toyota Camry
Toyota Celica
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla Verso
Toyota dyna
Toyota HI-Ace
Toyota Hi-Lux
Toyota IQ
Toyota Land cruiser
Toyota MR2
Toyota Paseo
Toyota Picnic
Toyota Previa
Toyota Proace
Toyota RAV4
Toyota starlet
Toyota Urban Cruiser
Toyota Verso
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris Verso

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