The gaming industry is considered one of the most profitable in the IT world. The fact is that computer and mobile games always have the most loyal audience. One large successful project can bring super profits to both the owner and the entire development team for more than a dozen years. The main thing is not to lose the fuse in the wake of a successful launch. You need to periodically add characters to the game, introduce new bonuses for players, and so on. One of the main factors of audience loyalty is excellent technical support. A redesign of a game can breathe a second life into a project that is more than 10 or 15 years old. And Kevuru Games design services will help you with it.

What kind of specialists are needed to create games?

To create a game, you need at least three people (or one who combines these skills): an artist, a programmer and a game designer. But if you delve deeper into the topic, much more specialists are involved in the process of creating and supporting games:

·         Game architecture programmers;

·         Programmers of game chips and modes;

·         Tool programmers;

·         Level designers;

·         Scripters;

·         Artists;

·         Creators of concept art;

·         Texture creators;

·         UI / UX designers;

·         Facial animators;

·         Sound designers;

·         Screenwriters;

·         Localizers;

·         Mockup actors;

·         Voice actors;

·         Testers;

·         Project managers;

·         Producers.

And this, of course, is not the whole list. At each stage of the development or publication of the game, tasks appear for a variety of skills; community managers, marketers, analysts, etc. are involved in the development, promotion and support of the game. The remuneration for such work also fluctuates depending on the region, the scope of the game project, and the type of task.

Differences between regular developers and game developers

In the development environment for computer and mobile games, a slightly different specialization is needed than in the creation of conventional software. This industry requires not only knowledge of programming languages and methodologies, but also a lot of creativity. Most of the people working with the game code are avid gamers themselves. However, this is not a requirement. It is much more important for the team to be able to implement the customer’s ideas in practice and fit them into popular trends. Therefore, when choosing a team for PC game development, pay attention to the availability of the necessary specialists in the company.

The task of a game designer is not to make a game, but to put in everything that will make users buy it. Now this is not a pleasure job, it is knowledge of the market, understanding of mechanics and analysis of competitors. Many beginners refuse to build their careers further when they learn that a game designer is not about inventing games, but about mastering mathematics, market analysis, being able to count numbers, and understand psychology.

Game artists are one of the most important components of a product’s success. They have to think not only about the laws of perspective or composition, but also about what users might like. You need to constantly learn different techniques and tricks to improve the quality of work and optimize content. It is useful to know anatomy and classical drawing, to practice sculpture.

Marketing in game development is not only game sales and traffic, it is working with a product from the concept and preproduction stage. You can get into game development from the position of a marketer from related areas, experience with traffic is important. In this position, you will have to work with advertising networks, video advertising services, platforms, media, streamers, video bloggers, who have long learned to monetize this kind of promotion. You need in-depth knowledge of analytics, the ability to work with numbers and interpret big data.


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