Phoenix is known worldwide as one of the hottest places to live, yet the people who live there still want to work out and stay active despite the heat. Fortunately, you don’t have to allow the hot air and burning sun to stop you from working on your health! So instead, here are some of the best things to keep in mind if you’re working out while living in Phoenix.

The Earlier, The Better

The earlier in the morning you work out, the better chance you’ll have to beat the summer heat. You don’t have to get up at three in the morning every morning, but trying to get a jog in before seven will give you the coolest air of the day. Staying up and working out late is also fine, but it takes a long time for the heat of the day to dissipate. If you can make it work for yourself, move your sleep schedule and get your workout in as early as possible.

Enjoy The Trails

Working out in the same way every day can be annoying. Instead of doing that to yourself, make a plan to hit the trails at least once a week. The walking, biking, and hiking trails around Phoenix have something for anyone interested. Despite being free, these can be a pain to handle if you aren’t used to walking or hiking in this heat. Work your way up to longer hikes, and don’t shock your system by starting on a three or four-hour trek.

Make Sure You Hydrate

Hydrating is something that should be a part of every workout schedule. Whether you’re trying to get faster at running or working on weight lifting: keep a water bottle nearby. Not only does staying hydrated help your body heal and bounce back, but the heat in Phoenix can also cause dangerous conditions even if you’re only slightly dehydrated. Be safe.

Indoor Gyms Are Great

When you’re shopping around for houses for rent in Phoenix, consider how close the property is to a gym. The closer to a gym, the better because it will allow you to walk to your workout instead of having to load up your car. Indoor gyms are better in the summer because you can feel free to work out and move around as much as you want without feeling defeated by the heat. Many gyms also have indoor pools, which are a great addition to any workout plan.

Sunscreen Is Vital

Just as water is important for your internal organs: sunscreen is important for your skin. Just one serious sunburn in your lifetime can multiply your chances of getting skin disease or cancer. Don’t risk that. Instead, if you’ll be in the sun, try to wear a strong SPF sunscreen when you work out.

In your daily life, it’s a good idea to try and get as much sunscreen on as you can to protect yourself at all times. Multiple kinds aren’t too creamy and won’t show up on your skin, so try a few brands to find your perfect fit.


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