Effective speakers aren’t born that way. Public speaking is a skill that you can learn.

Most erudite public speakers you see today worked very hard to learn public speaking skills and their techniques.

They often spend long hours taking speech courses, practicing, or working with a coach.

The good news is, with the appropriate public speaking techniques, you’re sure of improving your public speaking skills and becoming an effective speaker.

Consider taking a free public speaking quiz online to gauge your skills. This test can help you pinpoint areas you need to work on to get better.

We’ve outlined some tips to help you pass any public speaking practice test and become an effective speaker, but before then, you need to understand what public speaking is all about.

Meaning of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an act of talking before a live audience. It’s different from other types of speaking, like voice presentation, which is created before being uploaded on the internet.

Public speaking has several advantages, such as improving your confidence level and offering you the opportunity to talk about things you’re passionate about.

And the best part is?

Having effective public speaking skills can be a bonus when searching for a job. Jobs like sales professional or instructor requires you to speak in public.

Even if a job doesn’t mention public speaking in their job description, employers usually value candidates with effective public speaking skills.

In a survey of 600 employers, we discovered through the participants that good communication skills were doubly important as managerial skills.

Maybe you’re wondering what makes an excellent public speaker; the answer lies with understanding public speaking techniques and constantly practicing them.

And what’s the best way to start?

You might start with public speaking classes online for free.

How to Pass a Public Speaking Practice Test

Before the Test


Ensure to read and understand the quiz guidelines. Ask yourself these questions:

How much time will the test take, and how prepared am I for it? Is the test open for a particular window of time? Do I need to take the test at a specific period?

Also, check if there are any crucial “need to know” factors your instructor might have.

Check the test format. What kind of questions should you expect- short answer, multiple-choice, essay, fill-in? Or perhaps a combination of different types.

Test Yourself

Ensure to test yourself beforehand with everything you might have learned about public speaking.

Look for some series of questions you believe might come out in the test and read up on them. Also, ask anybody available to test you.

Don’t forget to check your computer or mobile device to avoid last-minute problems.

Make sure you’re in a location with a stable and adequate internet connection.

Study the Test Materials

Although it’s a practice test, you must have come across some materials and courses that would, to an extent, prepare you for the test.

Plan your time and while testing yourself, ensure you limit your time to the practice test allotted time.

Remember, it’s a practice test and not the actual public speaking course test, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Find a quiet spot to take your test with minimal distraction. Turn off every notification from your phone, email, IM, or social networks. You can opt to set your device to silent mode.

Let your family or roommate know that you’re taking a test so they won’t disturb you.

Don’t forget to switch off the radio and television and spend time on related sites to pick up more tips.

Choose a Perfect Time to Take the Test

The test portal might be open for some days; however, you may be required to write them at specific hours of the day.

Choose a time that wouldn’t offer interruptions, distractions, and stress.

Ensure all you need for the public speaking test is ready. Again, remember it’s a practice test.

Take a deep breath and begin. Regardless of your test score, focus on detecting where you failed and how to improve on it.

During the Test


While it’s good to focus on the public speaking practice test, don’t forget to check the time or, even better, set an alarm a few minutes to the close of the test period.

Make sure to note the hard questions so you can revisit them later. That way, when you eventually take the actual test, you’ll be very prepared.

Don’t Ever Leave the Test Page

Even if you’re permitted to search other websites for information, don’t use the same tab or browser copy that’s open with your exam. If you do, you may lose your work.

Instead, open another tab or even choose a different browser and conduct your search.

Check Your Work Thoroughly

Ensure that all the answers are complete and appear as you want. Check your answers thoroughly and review them for accuracy.


Ensure you thoroughly cross-check your answers before hitting the submit button.

That’s why it’s best to set the alarm a few minutes to the end of the test, so you can cross-check your answers before submitting them.

After the Test

Assess Your Progress

How would you rate your performance? Did you skip any questions? What questions were confusing to you?

Return to your public speaking reading materials and check if you can find the answers to the questions that proved difficult.

Check Your Score

Once you submit, you may be able to check your score. However, in some cases, you might be required to wait for a few days.

Find ways to improve on the actual test if your test score is low. Write down your observations from the quiz and ensure you don’t repeat some mistakes you made during the practice test when you take the real one.


So, you have decided to be an effective public speaker, congratulations!

That’s one of the best decisions you’ve taken this year. To become an effective public speaker, you need to take some steps, including enrolling in an online public speaking class.

From there, you can take a public speaking practice test to know your capacity and find ways to improve where you’re deficient.

The tips mentioned above will help you pass that practice test, so you can go on to the actual tests and become the dexterous public speaker you had always wanted to be.


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