Traveling with kids has never been a piece of cake for anyone. But going on a vacation once in a while with your family can do a lot to your mental health as well as the bonding between your family members. A break from all the work demands and other stressful stuff is a must for any human being, and a vacation not only takes you away from the familiar environment but it will also give you a chance to recharge and spend time with your family.

But when you are with kids it is a very different experience than with people of the same age and also requires a different kind of planning. If you are struggling with planning your vacation in such a way that both you and your kids are satisfied, then you are most certainly in the right place.

In this blog post, we will be going in-depth on how to plan the best trip with your family. By following the tips that are going to be mentioned below, you will have a hassle-free trip to Barcelona. If you are planning on being stress-free with kids on this trip, make sure and avail luggage storage Barcelona service.

Various tips on how to plan a lovely vacation with your beloved family

Brainstorm ideas and list things that amuse you as a family

Get your  pen and a piece of paper and start writing down what are the things you enjoy doing as a family for example, do you like going to the beach and swim or do you enjoy going to amusement parks together. Just list out some of the primary activities you enjoy doing as a family and find potential actions related to them in Barcelona. If you like going to beaches, then find out if you have any beaches there and add them to your bucket list. If you would like to visit an amusement park, then find out information about the amusement parks you can see.

Interpret your budget

Your Budget will mostly depend on the places you decide to visit. Some of the main things that you should budget for are transport costs, write down how much it will cost for the tickets of airplanes and if you decide to take a car on rent then put that in as well. The next thing you should add to your budget is your accommodation, whether you plan to take a hotel room or decide to rent a house if you are a big family.

Now put in all the different places you would like to visit as well. The last thing you should consider putting on a budget is your food costs; it is very typical for us to put 100s and 100s of dollars into trying different foods at the places you visit. So, make sure you add this in your list.

Plan your trip on possible dates

Suppose you have a large family and are planning a trip with all of them. In that case, you should consider asking everyone when they are free or when they don’t have work or school, because if you plan your trip on days that many people of your family have work or school on, then the journey is most likely to get cancelled.

So, consider everyone’s situation and then plan accordingly. The cheapest time to travel is three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas but if you are planning in this period be sure you make all the adjustments with your child’s school. Because they will most likely have school at this time.

Plan all the logistics of the trip like buying plane tickets and booking hotels

If you are willing to save a little in your tickets, then make sure you buy them way before your actual trip, like 6 to 8 weeks before so that you get the best deal out of them. And if you have kids below two years then remember that they can travel for free, but if it is a long flight then make sure you get a ticket for them as well because if you don’t, you would have to carry them for the whole flight.

Which will leave your legs sore? Tuesdays, as well as Wednesdays, are the cheapest days to travel through a flight whereas Fridays and Saturdays are quite expensive, there not a lot of difference between them though.

While booking hotels, you should do your amount of research and find ones with the lowest prices. It would be best if you also considered things like, is it in the central location where it is possible to walk and get something or would you have to take a taxi, and stuff like that. You can keep your precious items with the luggage storage Barcelona for a stress-free time with your family when you land.

Plan the activities you will be doing

Some activities need to be booked in advance while others don’t. If you are planning on doing something that tends to sell out pretty soon, then make sure you book in advance for them. Also, ask your kids about what they would like to do and encourage them to do their amount of research for kids’ stuff, and you can take care of other things. And consider having kids’ games and other fun things at your hotel or resort.

Also, get enough information about luggage storage Barcelona so that you don’t face any problem with your luggage. And if you are willing to spend some quality time with your spouse then search for hotels that provide babysitting facilities so that you can enjoy your date night.


Planning your trip is very much necessary but don’t stick to the plan a lot, and it is okay if you feel tired and skip a destination. Just keep visiting places which you can never push yourself too hard, and always remember to have fun.


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