There were more than 4400 boating accidents that caused 2559 injuries in 2019. While this figure is much less than car accidents, boating accidents can still cause a lot of harm.

You could suffer burns, head injuries, sprains, broken bones, or spinal cord injuries. That would result in high medical bills, undue stress, and loss of income.

You can’t depend on insurance to pay for everything. You’d need to hire a boating accident lawyer to help you get the settlement funds that you deserve.

Finding the best boating accident lawyer can be a real headache because you want to get a lawyer that will fight for you. Do you need tips to find a good attorney?

Don’t worry because this article helps you find the right attorney.

1. Online Reviews and Testimonials

You’re likely to start your search for a boating accident lawyer online. Take a look at the reviews and testimonials about the attorneys listed.

After you look at a few reviews and testimonials, you should see a pattern of descriptions used. An attorney that’s described as communicative is a good sign that they’ll keep you informed about your case.

You should end up with a list of 3-5 attorneys to contact for initial consultations.

2. Expertise and Experience

You can take the list of attorneys and look at the websites for each one. You want to make sure that they do handle boating accident cases in your local area. A good example is, which handles boat accidents and other personal injury cases in Florida.

Boating accident cases are a bit more complex than car accident cases. That’s because maritime laws are much different than other transportation laws.

What kind of settlements have the attorneys won for their clients? You’re hiring a law firm because you need help getting a settlement that you deserve. A law firm should show a solid track record of wins for their clients.

3. Accreditations

The attorney you work with has to be registered with your state’s bar association. You have to make sure that you check with the bar to see if there are any complaints or reports against the attorney.

They may have additional accreditations within their area of practice.

4. Availability and Resources

Law firms and individual attorneys are notoriously busy and work incredibly long hours. You don’t want to hire a lawyer or law firm that’s desperate for work. You don’t want to hire a lawyer that doesn’t give your case attention, either.

Check to see if the boating accident lawyer has the resources and the time to resolve your case. You also want to see who else handles your case.

Law firms often have clerks or paralegals assist them with paperwork or calling insurance companies. Make sure you know who is really doing the work on your behalf.

You should also ask the attorney about communications regarding your case. How often should you expect to hear from them? Do they call or send emails? This helps you understand how they work and what to expect as they resolve your case.

5. Approach to the Case

Boating accident attorneys often offer a free consultation. This is your time to tell the attorney about the details of your case. You show them medical reports, documentation, and anything else related to your case.

The attorney will have an initial approach to your case. They’ll share the anticipated issues, timelines, and how they approach the case.

Note how they explain the details of their approach. Do they walk you through each step? Did their approach make sense to you?

The attorney’s approach to the case could change as the case progresses. You should feel confident in the attorney’s approach to resolving your case.

6. Cost

How much does it cost to hire a boat accident lawyer? It depends on the factors of your case. In your initial consultations, attorneys will tell you what your case is probably worth. They’ll also tell you the fees to accept your case.

This is why you want to interview several attorneys before hiring one. You can interview five attorneys who tell you that your case is worth a certain amount or it costs a certain amount to represent you.

The attorneys’ estimates should be close to one another. Any outliers can be viewed as red flags.

Boating accident attorneys usually work on a contingency basis. That means that they don’t get paid until you receive a settlement from your case. The attorney takes a percentage of the settlement, which ranges between 25%-50%.

7. Trust

Do you trust the lawyer? This is the most important consideration because if you don’t trust them, your case will have problems.

You need to be able to share details about you and your case that may make you uncomfortable. If you withhold that information from your attorney, it impacts your case.

You need to trust your own judgment here, but there are other signs to look for. For example, did the attorney take the time to explain legal concepts about your case? Did they let you ask questions and did they answer them directly?

Attorneys that show patience and empathy will show that they’re trustworthy and they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Finding the Best Boating Accident Lawyer Is Easy

Do you feel like you’re prepared to find a good boating accident lawyer? It’s pretty simple, as long as you know what to look for.

Make sure that they have the experience and expertise, they have a good strategy, and you trust them. You’ll end up with a lawyer that’s your partner fighting on your behalf.

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