Timing Belt Tensioner [What is this and how does it work in Engine]

important timing belt

The tensioner is a drive belt in your car that is a small element and used to check the timing belts work correctly and ensure that everything works properly in your engine. It maintains the timing belt tension. Since the timing belts are flexible and located at the front of your car’s engine. It works to move or helps to run your engine’s moving parts. So you have to need to make sure that all the moving parts work properly. The timing belt tensioner helps us in this case, it makes sure that all moving parts such as pistons and valves work correctly.

Durable Design

The timing belt tensioner is made of thermoplastic and steel or premium material for the long life of the engine or timing belt. It provides wonderful wear of heat dissipation, resistance, and damping. It is designed to operate the condition of under severe and also provide reliability.

Purpose of the Timing Belt Tensioner

The timing belt tensioners are the part of engine’s internal combustion. It is designed to maintain the correct amount of pressure and stop the belt from becoming slacking and loose. Sometimes the timing belt affects the tensioner pulley and damaged it. When your timing belt breaks down before the 60,000 kilometers then you should remember that something is wrong with your timing belt tensioner.

Some Kinds of Timing Belt Tensioners

There are two kinds of timing belt tensioners Hydraulic tensioners and mechanical tensioners.

1. Hydraulic Tensioner

It is used for the fluid pressure that keeps the belt tight. It puts pressure on the arm and the lever that helps to move the tensioner pulley to the opposite of the belt.

2. Mechanical Tensioner

It commonly runs via the spring and makes secure the tensioner lever and the engine, and helps to keep the belt tight.

Effects of the Bad Timing Belt Tensioner

When it gets issues, it affects the performance of the car which produces a noise when the tensioner is loose. It also affects the belt drive accessories such as the AC compressor, alternator, and water pump.

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