Timing Belt Manufacturers in World

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Opti is a german based company with more than 140 years of production. OPTI is one from TOP popular brands for Power Transmission Belting.  Opti has a vast range of timing belts under different brands such as Omega HL, Omega HP, Omega, Omega Fan Power, Omega D, STD, and Delta Chain in Carbon. On the other hand, they have Urethane Belts with Alpha Power, Alpha Torque, Alpha Flex, and Alpha Linear Belts. Neoprene Belts by Opti includes ZR.


Dayco is one of the largest timing belt manufacturers in the world. Dayco has been offering a vast range of Belting for different industrial applications. These belts are manufactured with good property materials under a great engineering team.

Dayco Timing Belt reviews are good around the world. They have been producing Automotive Toothed Belts too. Dayco has more than 50 worldwide locations to serve its clients. Dayco also produces Timing Belt Tensioners, Pulleys & Idlers & accessories drive tensioners.


Gates, driven possibility. Gates USA does not need any introduction in the world. Gates is a producer of numberless Power Transmission Products like GT2 Timing Belts. Gate is trusted by more than 34 Vehicle manufacturers in the world because of its OEM production standards. Gates Synchronous belts have been providing value to customers and machines. High-grade materials, and processes to ensure superior heat and contamination resistance and long-lasting performance.

Polytech Design Incorporated

Polytech Design Incorporated is a US-based manufacturer and Online store to buy your required sizes. This company started its operations in 1991. Polytech Design targets various industries including robotics, food, and many more

Fenner Precision

“Fenner Precision is committed to ensuring good relations and long-term partnerships with the communities in which we work and live. We recognize that our business activities could potentially have social and environmental consequences for those communities and always consider the impact of such activities in our decision-making process. Through our community outreach committee, we partner with local charities to support our employees’ efforts in the communities.”


F.N.Sheppard & Co

F.N. Sheppard & Co. is one of the pioneers & leaders of the belting industry. They are excelling in the manufacturing, fabrication, and distribution of unique products, serving the domestic and international markets.

Their Mission Statement;

Growth and profit through Excellence, Innovation, and the utilization of People, advanced technology, equipment, and materials. Complete Dedication to our customers and their need for Excellence.

Brecoflex Co. LLC

Brecoflex is an ISO 9001 certified company, born in 1989 with a commitment to delivering service and product quality. Their super quality products meet all machinery and customer requirements to provide the best results amongst the best available products.


Ondrivesus is ISO 9001:2008 certified Manufacturer of mechanical Components, Speed Reducers, Gear Boxes, Timing Pulleys, Synchronous Belts & Fasteners with a motive to provide client solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Ondriveus provides a comprehensive range of Cogged Belts, idlers, and also timing pulleys and tensioners. Standard Types are L, XL, MXL, 40DP, T, HTD, and GT2. Ondriveus also provide custom-designed products for specific and different needs of clients.

Pfeifer Industries

Pfeifer Industries is one window shop. Pfeifer is a manufacturer of Timing Pulleys and Belts in the USA. They can produce non-standard products as well. Getting the Belting Distribution of Brands is so hard but Pfeifer is a distributor of different international brands such as Goodyear, Contitech, Mitsubishi, Opti, and Gates.


Chemi-Flex calls itself a leading Polyurethane Timing Belt manufacturer.  Polyurethane or PU is the belt material used to construct the belt. They are producing machinery belts for the last 45 years, since 1971. They are experienced and experts in producing custom belts.

VanZeeland Manufacturing

Van Zeeland Manufacturing was founded in 1980 and has hundreds of satisfied customers in the US. Van Zeeland Manufacturing is not a Toothed Belt manufacturer but produces related products such as Timing Belt Pulleys.

Bando USA

Bando being the Global leader in Belting operates 17 plants in 15 countries. Bando is a manufacturer of both Industrial and Automotive Belts. They have worldwide distributors for both industrial & automotive belts.


MBL or Mitsuboshi is one of the world’s famous timing belt brands. MBL started its operations back in 1919. Most Mitsuboshi factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified. it is trusted worldwide for industrial and auto-belting products. MBL is also trusted by Renault, BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Isuzu, Suzuki, and more brands.

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