VPN is not a new thing and if you are a regular internet user then you might have encountered ad banners of VPN on the webpages. It is a very powerful tool to protect the privacy of the users online and make sure the safety of personal data. Many people think of it as a tool that only bypasses the geo-restrictions on certain websites, but it does much more than that.

Earlier, VPN or virtual private network was used in companies, defense, and public offices with the aim of protecting all the vital documents and the information from the access of unauthorized persons. Now many people use it for adding an extra layer of protection to their online activities. There are many reasons of why you need VPN but now several gamers emphasize that VPN improves the online gaming experience. Let’s find out how:

Play Restricted Games

Unlocking the banned or the blocked sites is the most popular feature of the VPN and it also goes the same with the games. Some games get banned in various countries because of many reasons. For example, recently India has banned several games including PUBG mobile. But all these restrictions imposed by the local government or the ISPs can be removed with the help of a VPN.

The VPN service providers have a large compound of servers that are spread worldwide. Players can select the country from which he/she wants to access the game and it will help to access the game eventually. Thus, it is really possible to access all the restricted online games with the help of a VPN.

No Throttling

Some internet service providers occasionally throttle the available bandwidth and limit Internet speed. They want to ensure that their services run well without the consumption of a high volume of data by some users. If you play online games then you might have experienced it. In online gaming, the speed slows down noticeably and, in the end, it is hardly possible to continue the gameplay, because at the existing speed it is no longer fun at all.

Bandwidth throttling occurs especially on the weekends. The providers closely monitor what users are doing online and limit bandwidth. Internet throttling can be a big issue when you are playing real money games online at gambling sites. With a VPN connection, gamers can ensure that their connection is not affected and they can play casino games like slots, poker, roulette, and many others at Kahnawake Casinos.While playing such online real money games, speed really matters. By enabling VPN, the online data traffic is encrypted and the ISP cannot know how much data traffic is coming from your connection.

Play Games Without Waiting

As a gamer, you might be familiar with this fact. All the new games don’t have the same release date worldwide. Many countries get the late release and the players have nothing but to watch live streaming of these games. This can be very frustrating. By hiding the real geographic location, players can buy the game by the IP of the region it is available. All you have to do is establish the connection via a VPN server in this country. Players can visit an online shop that already has the game in stock.

Multiplayer Games are More Fun

Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite are more fun when playing with your squad since you can play with your pro and the noob players with integrated social media accounts. Geo-blockades sometimes prevent players from a certain region from being there. Sometimes when you want to play along with your pal who is in another country, the game may not allow it as it assigns the game according to your geolocation.

A reliable VPN may solve this problem for you. It helps to hide the real IP address and it assigns you and your friends an IP from the region you select. So, the players can play with their squad no matter they are in which corner of the world.

Bypass the IP Blockage

Sometimes it happens that a player has a run in an online match. But suddenly one of the admins gets angry and, in the end, she/he locks the player. For most games, such a block works via an IP block on the gaming server. The player can then no longer dial-in. If this ban is permanent, it is very annoying. To continue playing here, the affected players can simply dial in with a different IP address and the fun of the game can continue.

Reduced Ping Time

No matter how fast your internet connection is, the ping time can fluctuate. It is basically the process of receiving and sending amid your gaming device and the server of the games. Now the gaming server can be in a different country or the region and it may hinder the ping time. For instance, if you are an Asian player and the game you are playing has servers in the European nation then the data transmission takes time. In such a situation you can use the VPN and play the online game with the IP address of the region where servers are placed. So, the low ping time enhances your gaming experience.

Bottom Line: What Could Be Negative Effects?

Well, VPN is always beneficial for every internet user but the strong VPN connection hinders the internet speed by a few percentages. But the speed of the online game does not vanish and you can still play your favorite online game without noticing the deterring speed.  

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