How to best kit out your Chevy Silverado

There is a whole bevy of new Chevy cars, crossovers, and trucks on the market in the USA, but one Chevy stands out as the favorite – the Silverado truck. In fact, in 2020, the Silverado was the second-best-selling of all vehicles in the entire US after the Ford F-Series, with 586,675 units sold. That’s 1,607 per day! By comparison, cars like the Toyota Camry sell fewer than 200,000 per year. It stands to reason, then, that buyers can personalize and customize their Silverados to their hearts’ content and order all manner of features and accessories via the online configurator. Between 500 and 600 accessories are available at any one time.

The accessories are categorized and here are some of the most significant categories:

  • Bed products include a massive range of liners, storage solutions, and covers
  • Electronics include all audio, camera, entertainment, and remote-start options
  • Exterior includes a huge range of body accessories, both cosmetic and functional
  • Interior accessories include mats, liners, protection, and trim kits
  • Performance includes brake, suspension, and exhaust upgrades
  • Trailering includes everything you’ll ever need to tow anything
  • Wheels and wheel components include wheels, security, and pressure monitoring

The Must-Have Silverado Accessories

Today, we’re looking for the one percent: five accessories out of 500 that are absolute must-haves on your Silverado. While we’re at it, we’ll mention more, but these five are arguably the most important.

Tonneau cover. There is a massive range of bed covers available for all the different bed lengths. These include hard and soft folding covers, hard and soft roll-up covers, retractable covers, and one-piece hard lift-up covers. The normal soft covers offer good weather protection, but not a lot of security and can be breached with little trouble. A hard, lockable cover protects the contents of your load bed from prying eyes and wandering hands.

For the best all-round solution, the hard fold-up cover is great. Your belongings are secure, but you can fold it out of the way if you have to transport something tall. The cheapest soft ones start at $329 and the most expensive, hard covers can cost close to $2,000.

Bed liner. There is no way a responsible truck owner is going to plonk down cargo on their bed’s paintwork. It goes without saying that a bed liner is probably not something any Silverado leaves the dealership without. There are tons to choose from, including normal rubber bet mats, carpeted liners, and hard plastic drop-in liners. The carpeted liners are great for transporting fragile items that should not be scraped or scratched and the plastic liners are good for hard objects. Alternatively, some people prefer third-party spray-on liners that prevent anything from becoming trapped between the liners and the bed, as the normal ones do. The Chevy liners vary from $150 to $600.

Remote starter. This is a critical accessory if you endure cold winters. It allows you to start your Silverado with a remote, so the engine and interior can warm up before you get in and drive off. The factory Chevy system integrates with the normal Silverado anti-theft system, as well as with the tailgate’s powered lock. And it’s not only for winter – on a sweltering summer’s day, it can cool the interior down before you arrive. How much does it cost? Its dealer cost is only $295 MSRP.

Toolbox. There are so many toolbox options to keep your tools safe on the bed of your Silverado. They are all strong, secure, and lockable. The cross-bed toolboxes sit across the entire width of the bed, up against the cab. Side-mounted toolboxes are available too in high- and low-mounted derivatives and made of various materials, as are models of a lower height that fit underneath whatever tonneau cover you have fitted. Lastly, a driver’s side, rear-mounted, swing-out toolbox is available. Depending on the model, they range in price between $200 and $1,000.

Mudflaps. Called splash guards by Chevy, these are the tough black flaps mounted behind the wheels to prevent muck and stones from being flung up against the body by the wheels. If you travel on unmade roads a lot, you will appreciate them. They not only keep damage to your truck’s body to a minimum but keeps the sides mostly clear of mud and your truck a lot cleaner when traveling on gravel in rainy weather. At $60 or less, it would be silly not to have them.

Of course, there is an enormous number of other accessories to choose from and you can personalize your Silverado so it’s unlike any other out there, but beware of the costs when you tick many boxes. But you can rest assured that, if you need anything at all, from covers for the seats to automatic side steps, you’ll find them on the list. These five must-haves will get you going with the most important, popular, and useful accessories to start out with.


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