There may be so many reasons for people selling their houses, but some situations are so compelling that home sellers want to recover the money from the proceeds in the shortest possible time, maybe within a week. The need for quick cash is so pressing that home sellers are ready to accept a price, which might be less than the market value provided the deal closure happens speedily. But is it possible for ordinary buyers to meet the seller’s expectations by following the traditional method of selling a property? Nope. The speed of sale depends on some factors that are not possible to change.

Property deal closures take time

The location of the property is a critical factor in attracting buyers, and if your property is not in a much desirable area, it might be quite challenging to sell your house fast. Moreover, the market forces determine how soon you should be able to sell your property. Even if you are lucky to tick the right boxes, the average time for closure is about 68 days. This is indeed for the optimists, and you never know how long the process might stretch by springing up surprises during the transaction.

Luckily, there are ways to fulfill your goal of selling your house speedily and complete the deal in a week. Surprising but true, this is what many people are doing when they desperately need to cash out their home to meet some emergency. 

Cut a long story short

Although you can do little to cut short the process of selling your home, you need to be smart and look for buyers who can help you achieve your dual goal of fast money and quick closure of the deal. Some companies buy houses because it is their business. Look for such companies and offer your home to them for assessing the value. The company is a professional property buyer whose goal is to buy properties speedily by paying cash and is the ideal buyer for fast money. Once you locate the buyer, you have won half the battle and get ready to go through the process to close the deal successfully.

Cash adds speed to the process

One of the reasons for property transactions taking a long time is the involvement of a third party that arranges to finance the property. It can be banks, credit unions, or any other financial institution. When you deal with a company that buys your house, it pays cash that eliminates third-party financing and considerably speeds up the process. The company is aware of buyers’ urgency and knows that to strike a good deal, they must meet the expectation of buyers’ speed.  The company has the resources to push the envelope and complete the transaction within a week if needed.

The company is a wholesale buyer, offers the best deal to buyers who are happy to get speedy cash without paying anything from their pocket, which would not have been possible had they taken the traditional route of selling property.


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