The Best Mattress Brands

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Mattress, mattress everywhere, but don’t know which one to choose?

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

You head into the store or go to the website with the intent of buying a good mattress for yourself, but there are so many types and varieties that you tend to get confused. There are so many brands as well, that deciding which one will give you the highest satisfaction, can get quite complicated. 

That’s why in this article, we’re listing out a bunch of our favorite mattress brands that are loved and reputed for their amazing signature products, great features, and suitable price points. 


Our number one spot is being taken up by the luxury mattress giant, Saatva. Everyone recognizes Saatva as the brand that brings a five-star feel to your bedroom. Their signature product called the “Saatva Classic” is a beautifully made hybrid innerspring mattress, which is a true work of art.

The mattress consists of 800 separately wrapped coils that not only reduce motion disturbance but also support the body perfectly. Other than that, the unique foam exterior gives the Saatva Classic an extra layer of comfort. However, the cherry on top is their premium Euro pillow top which makes every nap feel special. Now, since it is a luxury mattress, the price point is naturally higher. But their one-of-a-kind product and their ethical and environmentally friendly production process make the price worth it. 


Since we’re already talking about the luxury mattress, we had to mention Puffy. Puffy’s uniquely created mattress lessens mattress disturbances, caused by shifting or tossing and turning. Its motion isolation technology makes the Puffy mattress perfect for couples or families. But they offer a lot more features than just this.

Their special foam mattress regulates body temperature and gives all-around support to the spine, thus keeping it aligned. The mattress provides comfort and warmth but at the same time, facilitates proper airflow and ventilation which keeps you cool even on hot nights. For all that you get, the Puffy mattress is priced correctly and each of their items truly gives you value for your money, which every puffy lux review talks about. 


However, not everyone wants a luxury mattress, right? Does that mean you have to sacrifice comfort for a lower price tag? Of course not! This is made very clear by Nectar, which gives an array of excellent, high-quality mattresses at a very affordable price point. Their signature mattress is made with light and airy foam, and each of these mattresses is created with top-notch sleep engineering to provide the perfect amount of firmness and comfort while sleeping.

It ensures correct alignment of the spine and relieves strain on your neck, back, and head. It’s also amazing for those who tend to sleep hot, as the air circulation ability of this mattress is great. It will keep you cool and fresh all the time. However, the defining factor of it all is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price. So you never have to sacrifice comfort for affordability. 


Our fourth pick is Leesa, another reputed mattress company that has created a niche for itself in the mattress market with its original product. The Lessa Original Mattress is made with three layers of excellent quality memory foam, with each layer serving a unique purpose. The first foam layer gives ample support to the body and hugs every curve.

man sleep on Mattress

The second layer helps relieve stress and pressure on the lower back as well as hips and shoulders, whereas the third layer imparts much-needed firmness to the entire mattress. Its one-of-a-kind design is what makes the Leesa Original the perfect mattress for sleepers of every kind, whether they’re a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper. 

Brooklyn Bedding

It would be criminal to end our list without mentioning the mattress brand that has taken everyone by storm, which is none other than Brooklyn Bedding. Their signature model which is a hybrid has stolen hearts for being the perfect mattress for all sleeper types and people. The impeccable blend of foam and innerspring gives the perfect amount of spinal support and keeps it aligned as you sleep.

It supports the entire body wonderfully and hugs each part, for optimal comfort. It also has movement isolation technology. So even if someone moves, the other sleepers won’t be disturbed, which makes it excellent for couples or families. But at the same time, the mattress is available in three types of firmness, so there is something suited for everyone. 


Last but not least, we have Helix, whose Midnight Luxe mattress proved to be a game-changer for all hot sleepers. This signature mattress transfers body heat away from your body and keeps you cool, throughout the night. Its structure is created in a way that facilitates the flow of air all around your body, thus keeping you cool and fresh.

But don’t think that they’ve sacrificed comfort because their mattresses are the perfect blend of firm and soft, with excellent spinal and body support which reduces any pain or stiffness you may be feeling. Best of all is that all of these features come at a great price point, so you can buy a specialized mattress without breaking your bank.

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