(Here’s the guide for the best EDC tactical flashlights so that you can always run with a battery backup)

Imagine you are searching for a pin in your tire after sunset or searching for the lost keys in the yard in the moonlight, the most essential thing you can have in your pocket is an EDC flashlight that can help you make your search task easy. An EDC is a necessary addition to your daily life hassle and makes it fully functional.

In comparison to the tactical headlamps https://www.olightstore.com/headlamps.html in your backpack or in your vehicle, an EDC is more portable to carry anywhere a tiny finger version fits perfectly in your pocket, in a pocket organizer, or with any keychain. The modern EDC has broken all the past images of the long heavy tactical imagination.

Why carry an EDC

The Bright illumination

Carrying EDCs can save you from daily life obstacles. In the same way, if you carry an EDC flashlight, you can always roam in confidence anytime with the supported illumination. Your cell phone can only work on a limited pitch but an EDC flashlight will give a hundred times more bright light covering a longer distance.

Leave it all on Olight M2R Pro Warrior and get ready with the 1800 lumen bright light that can run up to 50 days.

Dedicated battery

The phone battery can run even faster if you are using it for flash, but EDC will run up to long hours. The bike wheel lights https://www.olightstore.com/everyday.html are launched with rechargeable battery support that has a quick charging system and long battery life.

Olight S2R Baton II will fulfill all your needs as it is equipped with the most techno useful features that can emit around 1040 lumen bright light including the proximity sensor modes that can increase the battery life and make it a powerful asset in any type of situation. This EDC flashlight warrior can be charged using the magnet charging system giving instant charging.

Easy-to-use controls

Efficient and versatile EDC controls let you handle the situation easily just in one click without failing.

Olight i1R 2 EOS Kit is being used by a number of smart customers, read the reviews and have an assurance to count it in your EDC gadget. It has a simple twist feature to on/off the light delivering the 150-lumen output with the easy micro USB- charging at a good price value.


if you want to have the multifunctional EDC that can work as a signal, traffic wand, night vision protected EDC flashlight that wins in every tough situation then bet on Olight Freyr Orange that has multi-colored (green, red, blue)

 lights to be used in difficult situations for protection, searching, and signaling. Equipped with the 5000 mAh rechargeable battery it emits 1750 lumens of bright light with a long runtime of 15 days.

Olight EDC flashlights are tested waterproof, shock resistant, and drop test passed so that the unexpected hurdles never leave you in the dark. We have a large variety of EDC including the lantern, Obulb, lightpen, baton, keychain versions that are strong, light-weighted, and equipped with versatile functions and the multicolored designs will steal your eye. Don’t forget to claim the news user benefits available especially on your favorite lighting gadget.


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