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Tay K

Tay K is an American rapper best known for his 2017 hit song ‘The Race.’ He was born on June 16, 2000, in Long Beach, California, United States. His birth name is Taymor Travon Mclntyre, but he is professionally known by his stage name “Tay K.” Tay K is also popularly called “Tay-K 47” by his fans. His favorite rapper is ‘Soulja Boy’. On July 23, 2019, McIntyre was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to prison for the next 55 years and fined $21,000. His Sister Kayla signed the petition addressing Donald Trump for Tay K’s release. Tay K has earned most of his money from his rapping career. Taymor Travon Mclntyre’s net worth is around $250,000 as of 2022.

Tay K Early Life

Taymor Travon Mclntyre was born on June 16, 2000, in Long Beach, California, U.S. When Tay K was young, his father, Kevin Beverly, was sent to jail. At the age of eight, Taymor and his sister Kayla moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Later, Tay K moved with his family to Arlington, Texas, after his father’s release. He attended Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. Tay K dropped out of school in 9th grade. He was obsessed with rapping in his youth. Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, Eazy-E, and Young Pappy greatly impacted him.

Tay K Career

In 2014, Tay K started his career as a rapper. He was part of the Daytona Boyz group alongside rappers Pimpyz and Santana Sage. On December 25, 2014, they released their first track, “Drift,” on SoundCloud. When Drift failed to gain attention, Tay K created his official SoundCloud account.

In August 2015, Tay K released his first solo album, ‘ BIFF XANNEN’ on his SoundCloud account. Tay K’s rap scene in another release of 2015, “Sly Cooper,” drew the attention of people in Arlington. On March 16, 2016, Mclntyre released his song “Megaman ” on SoundCloud. Megaman received 25 million views on SoundCloud. Most of his songs got famous when he was sent to jail on capital murder charges.

On June 30, 2017, Tay K’s song “The Race” was released. At that time, he was on the run from the police for three months. The Race was released the same day when he was arrested. His single ranked number 23 on the Hot R&B Chart and number 70 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. His song ‘The Race’ was remixed by various singers including Lil Yachty, Tyga, Fatty Whap, YBN Nahmir, and Rico Nasty. Mclntyre released a mixtape named “Santana World” during his incarceration.

The hashtag campaign “#FREETAYK” was started for the release of Tay K. It received over 260 million views on YouTube. The US Billboard Hot 100 ranked it number 44 on the chart.

His song “Coolin” was released by WorldStarHipHop on September 14, 2017. Tay K tweeted that the song released by WorldStarHipHop was leaked and not official. He tweeted “we have something major in store”. Later, RCA Records and 88 Classic re-released McIntyre’s mixtape Santana World on December 14, 2017. On June 19, 2018, RIAA declared McIntyre’s song “The Race” as certified platinum. On February 2, 2018, another of McIntyre’s songs, “After You,” was released on SoundCloud.

In March 2018, Tay K signed a deal with 88 Classic and RCA Records. He has earned around $600,000 to $700,000 with this deal. ‘No Jumper’ featured Tay K and BlocBoy JB in his song “Hard”. It peaked at number 14 in the Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts. He was also shortlisted for the ‘XXL Freshman list of 2018.

Tay K Net Worth

As of 2022, Tay K has an estimated net worth of $250,000. Let’s look at Tay K’s last five years’ net worth record.

Net Worth in 2022$250,000
Net Worth in 2021$240,000
Net Worth in 2020$230,000
Net Worth in 2019$220,000
Net Worth in 2018$210,000

Tay K Annual Income

Tay K made around $600,000 to $700,000 from his record deals with 88 Classic and RCA records as of March 2018.

Tay K Income Source

Taymor Travon Mclntyre earned his income from his professional rapping career. Tay K received a huge amount of money after his mixtape “Santana World” got famous. Apart from Rapping, Tay K has no other source of income.


Taymor Travon McIntyre is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $250 K. McIntyre was born on June 16, 2000, in Long Beach, California, U.S. He is known by his stage name ‘Tay K.’ He went to Martin High School in Arlington, Texas but dropped out in 9th grade. He started his rap career in 2014 after getting inspired by Soulja Boy. Mclntyre’s only source of income is rapping. Tay K’s most popular song is “The Race.” He received around $600,000 to $700,000 after sealing the contract with 88 Classic and RCA records. Currently, Tay K is in Bexar County Jail in San Antonio, Texas.

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