American English is chock-full of opportunities for exceptions to the rule, for breakage in lines across the linguistic sand, and for a flight from the very idea of standardized speaking and writing. With American English, there is a prescriptive and descriptive set of rules that form its total grammar as we all come to understand and develop it as a community of American English speakers—both native and non-native. It’s a changing world, but one you can join through American English grammar lessons.

With American English grammar lessons, you’ll learn how we speak grammatically (descriptively) in everyday life; and, on the other hand, you’ll see how we ought to write our most correct and tight expressions of ideas (prescriptively) according to fixed rules. Eurekly can help with both, and that’s what this post is all about.

They say “there are no rules in love and in war,” and that’s kind of the relationship that many have with American English: there is a time for enjoying it’s precision and structure, a time for playing with its flexibility and fun, and time for frustration with things that just don’t add up anymore. Just like British and Australian English (or any language, really)—American English grammar is in a state of flux, upheaval, and evolution according to Cambridge, much like love and war in the modern age.

Conquer American English Grammar in Two Steps

Since private, online tutoring with platforms like Eurekly can help you source talent for almost any subject, any niche, any need—you will want to first get very clear on your learning goals. They will ultimately dictate how you should proceed with learning the language at the depth that it takes to demonstrate true fluency to yourself and others.

  • Do you want to learn to speak well in a professional context?
  • Do you wish to write with real style and absolute, bulletproof correctness?
  • Do you want to cultivate an understanding of what makes American English tick?
  • Do you just want to avoid getting corrected and embarrassed in speaking situations?
  • Do you only want to order in a restaurant in American English with relative ease?

Decide for yourself. There is affordable talent out there for you to achieve any and all of these goals with private instruction delivered remotely from the comfort of your home. With American English lessons, there is no need to expend tremendous resources on something that seems so slight, such as where to place your periods and commas, your hyphens and colons, or your articles like “the” and “a.” The world of grammar is immense; learning it needs to take place on a personal level.

Once you know what you are uniquely looking for from American English grammar lessons, you can then start to look into the vast talent pool—the global marketplace—that platforms like Eurekly offer for private, vetted tutoring. Instead of limiting yourself to local teachers who only possess a limited range of engagement techniques or who have short schedules and long commutes, you can make selections from the very best to meet your needs. Let’s see how easy it is to find such a tutor for your grammar goals.

Step One: Find an Affordable, Online Grammar Tutor

girl online tutor and writing in notebook

This first part should take 10 minutes (or less) to fully arrange. Eurekly offers native and non-native American English speakers the chance to filter tutors to such a degree that there is no need to manually sift through resumes, applications, profiles, or any other pitches, emails, or phone calls. The work is really to know what you are looking for and then to apply those rules around the large body of ready-and-willing tutors. Find a short list, and move on to getting a trial session from the talent you think matches your motivations.

By finding a tutor with a trial session, you can make grammar lessons an easy-to-justify solution by getting your first taste of the details. If a tutor meshes with your style, goals, and personality—it’s a hit. And, if not, then you’re back at the search bar or shortlist ready to make a fresh, risk-free appointment with another vetted and capable English tutor.

Step Two: Pencil in English Grammar Every Week

Anyone can add American English grammar to their arsenal of writing, comprehension, and speaking weapons. It can makes you a more convincing salesperson, a more romantic partner, a smarter communicator, and a more fascinating speaker who simply thinks about English in a new way.

In whatever way you relate to American English, let private, online lessons with Eurekly help you meet your unique grammar goals. It’s your time to bust through the doors of secrecy around style, noun-verb agreement, parallelism, and so much more.

Make it a part of your weekly schedule, and you’ll easily succeed in the weird gauntlet of American grammar!

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