Symptoms of Bad Car Timing Belt – Problems & 6 Warning Signs

Symptoms of Bad Car

Not all, but most car manufacturers use a Timing belt in their engine for synchronizing the b/w crank & camshaft. The timing belt broke after a certain time period can be in years or mileage too. It should be replaced within replacement intervals. Understanding what happens if your timing belt breaks would surely help you to take the right decision.

I totally agree belt pricing is high and most sites like our Timing Belt Replacement Cost section doesn’t include pricing for related parts and labor cost. We love our readers and always try to save their costs. Yes, you can save hundreds of dollars by replacing a car timing belt at Home or in Office or finding a mechanic for replacement but don’t forget to Evaluate Car Timing Belt replacement services before buying.

Top 6 Timing Belt Warning Signs

Yes, there are some warning signs of a bad timing belt that gives you a red signal before time. Your negligence can result in major accidents too.

1. Maintaining RPM

The tooth makes a grip on gears in the crankshaft. It’s a sign that your car needs a checkup if you feel something strange or unusual at 2000-4000 RPM. 99% chances are that it’s with a belt. This damage can take more damage with it.

2. Problems in Engine Start

When you are turning the key and trying to start the motor engine but it won’t startup. It shows that you need to replace the timing belt because your timing belt is not working properly and it is possible that the timing belt is going to be damaged. Your first step would make a call to a mechanic, the mechanic will know and have experienced how to replace a timing belt in a better way.

3. Tooth broke

If your belt tooth broke and you are not aware of this. You must be ready to bear the huge costs of engine repair. A broke tooth causes slippages and improper working in your car engine. Results may be more fuel consumption, black smoke, and similar unusual happenings.

4. Belt Making Noise

The engine connects the rods to the piston and gets power from the crankshaft. Camshaft controlling cylinder which gives petrol or diesel to the combustion chamber. It also removes smoke in the exhaust manifold. The belt is synchronizing both and if it is not working properly, It can create noise inside the motor and would be because of low lubrication.

Both Timing & Serpentine Belt makes noise with time. Driver must observe and replace it instantly if it’s from the timing belt.

5. Engine-Making Smoke

If you notice smoke more than other cars or extra than average smoke in your car. It is an indicator that you need to replace it first. It happens because of the non-synchronization of cylinders, camshaft, and crankshaft. A broken one doesn’t let work it properly.

smoking in car engine

6. Increase in Length of Elongation

When your timing belt tensioner reaches last place, where you don’t have more space to tight it. It happens when your toothed belt material is no longer effective to perform well. It actually losses properties to stay at the manufactured size.

Final Words

If you don’t observe any of above mentioned bad belt symptoms that means your belt is fine and working perfectly but still we clearly state that these are informational-based guides for visitors in general. For specific problems or faults, we recommend finding the nearest car service and getting a manual checkup.

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