It’s always worth celebrating your anniversary, whether it’s a milestone or just another year. Taking the time to celebrate your anniversary creates an intentional practice of recognizing and appreciating the person you’re with.

Dedicate some time to planning something special that you’ll both enjoy. Here are some sweet ways to celebrate your anniversary this year.

Relive Your First Date

One of the most sentimental ways you can celebrate your anniversary is to relive your first date. Head to the restaurant where you first had dinner together, follow the same timeline, walk the same streets. This celebration is a nice reflection back to the time you’ve spent together and how far you’ve come.

Sometimes, reliving the first date isn’t feasible. If that’s the case, choose another special anniversary or occasion to remember. Maybe it’s the place you got engaged or just an all-time favorite restaurant.

Surprise Them

Sometimes an unexpected gift or experience has the biggest impact when celebrating an anniversary. Surprise your other half with a bouquet of flowers delivered to your home or their workplace. Some of the best flowers for anniversary celebrations include roses or tulips. You can make this gift extra special by choosing the flowers from your wedding.

It’s also nice to surprise your spouse in other ways. Present them with breakfast in bed, or plan a whole day together without them knowing.

Take a Class Together

There’s something special about learning something new together. This experience is a fun way to do something different and develop your skills in a meaningful way. You can do this by taking a class together.

Try to choose something you’ll both enjoy or let each person pick something to try. Your class could be anything from wine tasting to mixology to cooking to dancing — the options are endless. With the number of birthday and anniversary celebrations in quarantine, there are now plenty of virtual options available as well.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Extend your anniversary celebration over a few days with a weekend getaway. Check into an Airbnb with beautiful surroundings and a hot tub (if you’re so inclined) for an unplugged weekend away from the world. Use this time to unwind, relax, and reconnect with one another.

Many accommodations are offering specials and packages to attract people to their location. Take this opportunity to go somewhere that wouldn’t usually be feasible or your first consideration.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

If you’re a couple who enjoys the great outdoors, then there’s no better way to spend your anniversary than on an outdoor adventure. If it’s warm enough, plan a camping trip or hit your favorite waterway for a day of exploring. If you’re celebrating a winter anniversary, put on your winter gear and go for a hike in the woods.

Plan to make a day of this adventure. Pack a small camp stove so you can have lunch or coffee in the middle of the woods. Time your adventure so you can catch the sunrise from a scenic ridge. Surrounding yourself in nature has a restorative, calming effect. Doing so with the person you love will be mutually beneficial and memorable.

Plan a Bucket List Item

If you’re celebrating a big anniversary, it’s worth going the extra mile with your plans. Consider the items you both have on your bucket list and cross them off together on your special day. For example, you might have a place that you’ve always wanted to visit or an activity you’ve always wanted to try.

Maybe you want to run a marathon or ride in a helicopter. It could be something calm like horseback riding through the woods or something more adventurous like skydiving. This anniversary celebration will take some planning, preparation, and communication. However, it’s a beautiful way to make an unforgettable memory together.

Plan a Lazy Day

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Of course, when it comes to celebrating an anniversary, there’s a difference between doing nothing and having a relaxing day.

Plan a lazy day together. Turn off your technology and block out the world. Plan to spend all morning in bed, drinking coffee and relaxing together. Choose a show to watch, build a blanket fort, and enjoy the feeling of having no plans other than quality time together.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an exciting way to spend an afternoon on your anniversary. There are a few options when choosing this form of celebration.

If you’re so inclined, you can create a scavenger hunt for your significant other, spreading clues around your favorite places in the community. Alternatively, you can pay a service like Let’s Roam to put a scavenger hunt together for you. Either way, you’ll be exploring and having fun while creating treasured memories.

Give Traditional Anniversary Gifts

For those who love tradition and sentiment, put some extra thought into your anniversary gifts by following the traditional guidelines. The traditional anniversary gifts suggest a different material every year, evolving into various elements and specific gift categories. The practice of giving these gifts on anniversaries dates back to the Roman era.

For example, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper. This gift could be anything from a newspaper from your wedding day to a print from your favorite artist. Year four, for example, is fruit or flowers, which you can present in an anniversary bouquet.

Following the ceremonial wedding anniversary gifts sparks inspiration while creating a whole new depth and meaning to what you give your significant other.

Dress Up for Dinner at Home

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it once was to go out for dinner. If you’re in a COVID-19 hotspot or under quarantine, it’s best to stay safe at home. However, being at home doesn’t mean you have to be bored.

Get dressed up and have a fancy candlelit dinner without leaving your home. Consider cooking your own meal from scratch or ordering delivery from your favorite restaurant. Also, know that you can put on your best clothing and still order pizza — there are no rules.

Any of these sweet anniversary celebrations will make a statement, and that statement is “I’m happy to have met you.” Get creative and have fun with your anniversary celebration.


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