Sue Bird’s Net Worth


Sue Bird is a former American professional basketball player for the Seattle Storm team. Bird was born on 16th October 1980 in Syosset, New York City, United States. Her birth name is Suzanne Brigit Bird. Sue Bird is appraised as one of the top players in the history of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Bird has won four championships, four Olympic gold medals, two NCAA championships, and four FIBA World Cups. Moreover, Bird is a five-time Euroleague Champion. She played basketball since 2002 and announced her retirement recently in 2022.

Sue Bird Early Life

Sue Bird was born on 16th October 1980, in Syosset, NYC, U.S. She is the second child to her parents Herschel and Nancy Bird. Sue Bird’s father served as a Russian Jew. She has an older sibling named Jen. Bird is an Israeli, but she represents the United States in her international competitions.

Sue Bird began studying at Syosset High School, but later she has admitted to Christ the King Regional High School in New York. Suzanne developed her interest in sports at an early age after getting inspired by her athletic sister. Other than basketball, she loves playing soccer and tennis. In 6th grade, Sue played Amateur Athletic Union Basketball. After turning 11 years old, she also played in her half-time at St. John’s Basketball game. Now let’s look into Suzanne’s career.

Sue Bird Career

In 2002, Sue Bird was selected by the team Seattle Storm and joined the WNBA draft. She was a starter on the WNBA Western Conference All-Star team in 2002. She started all 32 games of the Seattle Storm in her rookie season and scored 14.4 points on average in each game. Sue Bird scored 33 points against Portland Fire within her first year of the league.

In 2004, Bird carried the Seattle Storm to its first WNBA Championship. She is among the 11 women who received an Olympic gold medal, a WNBA Championship, and an NCAA Championship. She reached the top 15 players in WNBA history through fan voting in 2011.

In 2005-2006, Bird entered the Russian Championship and the EuroLeague women’s playoffs. In 2006-2007, Sue Bird helped the team Spartak Moscow Region win the Russian Super League and EuroLeague Women’s Championships in Russia.

From 2011-2014, Suzanne was a part of the Russian UMMC Ekaterinburg Basketball Team. Sue Bird led the team to win three championships. She won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. In 2012, Bird injured her knee during the WNBA season. She was not allowed to play in the 2013 season due to her knee surgery.

After restoring her health, Bird resumed playing in the 2014 season of the WNBA. She was given the title of WNBA all-star in the same year. Sue Bird resigned from the Seattle Storms on 16th February 2016 and signed a multi-year deal with free agency.

In the 2016 season of the league, she led the team with an average of 12.8 ppg and 5.8 APG with 3 points of field goal percentage. In 12 years, Bird was selected for the All-WNBA First Team for the first time. She also got listed in the WNBA Top 20@20.

Bird underwent left knee surgery in April 2017. After her recovery, Bird continued her season debut. With her comeback, she was applauded and respected as the oldest starter and active player in the WNBA League. She won with an 81-71 record against the Washington Mystics. Sue Bird marked her 10th appearance in the event by playing in the 2017 WNBA All-Star Game. She became the all-time leader of the WNBA on 1st September 2017.

Later, Bird won by a 97-91 score against the Washington Mystics on 8th July 2018. She was named the all-time leading scorer by the Seattle Storms. Sue Bird was again voted into the 2018 WNBA All-Star Game on 19th July 2018.

On 22nd July 2018, Suzanne broke another record by playing her 500th game against Atlanta Dream. Bird was not allowed to play in the 2019 session because of her recurrent left knee surgery. After retaining health, Bird returned to play for the Storms in 2020. This year, she earned her fourth WNBA Championship, making her the first player in WNBA history to win the championship in three decades.

In 2021, Bird re-signed a one-year deal with the Storms and played her 18th season in the WNBA League. She was ranked 6th on the WNBA career scoring list after her match against the Los Angeles Sparks in July 2021. She was named The W25 of the WNBA 25th. Bird played her last game against the Las Vegas Aces on 6th September 2022. On 16th June 2022, she announced her retirement on Instagram following the 2022 season.

Sue Bird’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Suzanne Brigit Bird has an estimated net worth of $8 Million approximately.

Sue Bird Annual Income

Sue Bird’s annual income is around $500,000. Bird is also a famous public figure, so it is not wrong to predict that she makes additional money every year.

Sue Bird Monthly Income

Sue Bird earns $72,000 on a monthly basis.

Sue Bird Income Source

Now, if we look into Bird’s source of income, she has earned most of her wealth from her basketball career. She played basketball for the Seattle Storms in the WNBA. Besides her WNBA career, she has also played for national teams like the USA Team, Spartak Moscow Region, and UMMC Ekaterinburg. Aside from her basketball career, Bird earns money from brand endorsements and sponsorships. She has worked with Nike for a long time. She promotes products like Mendi, Glossier, Symetra, State Farm, and American Express.

Sue Bird Awards & Achievements

Bird is the only player who achieved the WNBA Championship in three decades. She is the oldest player and starter in WNBA history. She has won four WNBA Championships, two NCAA National Championships, five Euroleague Championships, four Olympic Gold Medals, and four FIBA World Cups.


Sue Bird is a retired American basketball player with a net worth of approximately $8 Million. She was born on 16th October 1980 in Syosset, New York City, United States. Her annual salary is around $500,000, and she earns $72,000 monthly. Bird made money from her basketball career, along with brand endorsements and sponsorships. She has won four WNBA championships, four Olympic gold medals, two NCAA championships, and four FIBA World Cups. Bird was rewarded with the Euroleague Championship five times. Bird played her last game of the WNBA on 7th September 2022 in Seattle.

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