Whether it’s winter’s cool breezes or extremely hot weather, your skin responds differently to harsh climatic conditions. If you do not take proper care of your skin against the lowest temperatures then your skin will lose its texture making it dry and patchy. The same is the case with extremely hot weather. Hot climatic conditions have even more harmful effects on your skin than the winter climate. Many people have hypersensitive skin therefore it needs a proper skincare routine to prevent it from getting damaged. Let’s see how different weather conditions can affect our skin and how to properly treat them.

Effects of hot weather on your skin and its treatment

  1. Breakouts

Due to extremely hot weather, your skin is likely to become a dump of oil which in turn blocks the pores of your skin. Blocked pores make the skin looking greasy therefore proper cleansing and exfoliation can do the job for you. Some good pharmacies like 90-Day Meds are providing good skincare supplements to treat stubborn breakouts and acne.  Also, make-up should be avoided on oily skin and one should always opt for natural make-up products which do not include harsh chemicals.

  1. Discoloration

Discoloration or uneven skin tone due to high sunlight exposure can damage the texture of your skin. Always apply sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. the sunscreen having an SPF of at least 60+ is needed to provide a layer on your skin to prevent it from getting exposed to sun rays. 

  1. Greasy skin

As mentioned above, the excess oil on the skin makes the skin greasy and presents an ugly look on your face so to avoid greasiness, it is highly recommended that you follow a proper skincare routine and use hyaluronic acid-based products and serums to keep the skin hydrated all the time. 

Effects of cold weather on your skin and its treatment

  1. Dryness and flaky skin

Due to less water intake, the skin becomes dehydrated and flaky. The uneven skin tone can mostly be seen around the lips or under your eyes in the form of dark circles. Therefore it is extremely necessary that you drink lots and lots of water in winters also. It will provide necessary hydration to the skin making it glowy and fresh.

  1. Under-moisturized skin

Due to humidity, your skin lacks moisture so it is advised that you apply a good moisturizer on your skin during the day and at night. There are some good day and night creams available in the market which provides moisture to your skin. 

  1. Dull skin

There is a deep connection between your dull skin and diet. A proper diet should be taken in winter to overcome any Vitamin C deficiency. Hormonal imbalance due to low vitamins in your body can result in acne and breakouts. Your skin does not produce enough blood cells to provide supply to your face. Therefore, a proper diet including citrus fruits like oranges and strawberries should be incorporated into a daily routine to combat dull skin. 


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