Moving from house to house or between offices can be a tedious task. However, this doesn’t seem like it when it comes to single-item moving. Most people would rather do things their way, transport the item in their car or truck depending on the bulkiness, than hire service providers. Others will seek help from their friends and give them a lunch treat later.

However, there are several benefits of hiring service providers, which you might want to consider before taking total control over the move. 


Professional service

Moving companies are reliable in terms of the dates, time and locations they communicate. Well, probably unlike your friend who promises to help every weekend and never shows up. Moreover, movers aim to deliver quality work and ensure the safety of the client’s items. They communicate promptly and care about customer satisfaction.


Moving companies are experienced in the field of moving and have the required expertise to move items from one location to another. The use of different packaging materials and state-of-the-art moving equipment to ensure your items are safe. If the item you want to move is quite valuable to you, you might want to hire the experts to avoid the risk of damaging it while on transit.

Safety and insurance

Moving companies are perfect for moving delicate items that require extra care such as a piece of art, a piano, closet with mirrors, etc. Movers ensure that such items are safely wrapped and transported accordingly. What’s more, movers have insurance policies that ensure your item is covered from damages in case of an accident.


Think about it. According to the professionals at moving the item alone requires a lot of time, energy and money. All these are costs. You may have to buy your packaging materials, use a lot of time packaging, transport, offload, and unpack. Hurting yourself will also incur an extra cost of treatment. If the item is damaged, that’s it. You most likely, have no insurance to cover the damages. Movers provide a simple, fast and efficient option of moving your item, at a charge lower than what your means may cost you.

It’s much safer

In the case of an extremely heavy item, moving it on your own puts you at risk. You might pull a muscle, hurt your back, or acquire a serious injury while attempting to move the item on your own, or even with a friend. In the process you also risk bumping the item against the wall, dropping it and damaging the floor, and so on. This is because you are not trained or experienced in carrying out such tasks. Moving companies will help you avoid such dangerous instances for your safety, as well as that of your item.


While there are substantial benefits of hiring movers for your single item moving, you might want to look into the following negatives;

Cancellation fee

Something might come up before the scheduled moving date, which may prompt you to change the date. This cannot work in a moving company unless you are willing to pay a cancellation fee.

Trusting strangers with your item

It is hard to trust that other people will take care of your belongings than you would. If you want to be in control of every move, movers may not be a good option for you. However, you have no reason to worry as they are professionals, committed to delivering quality services.

The possibility of becoming a moving scam victim

Just as in all other business sectors, counterfeit movers exist. The option of a moving company may land you into the hands of fake movers that may end up costing you money, time and peace of mind. It is therefore important to investigate the validity of a company before trusting them with your item.

It is costly

Professional moving companies could be costly. This is because they employ a lot of expertise in ensuring your item is safely delivered. Moreover, most movers work with clients requiring numerous items of transportation. They may, therefore, avoid granting you the service if you are not willing to pay higher.

Bottom Line

If you decide to hire movers to move a single item, make sure the movers understand that. Besides, the size, type of move, and distance will help you choose the right moving company for the job. While you might be moving a single item, you’ll need to determine if you need a few extra hands to help you, or a full-moving company to help you with the job. Please note that the heavier and valuable the item will be, the more costly the move will be.


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