Document management can be irritating for every professional. People who have to deal with hundreds of documents get really confused and waste a lot of time finding the right files. You can save yourself that trouble by following some simple document management tips shared in this article.

Learn to Organize Things

Make a habit of keeping things organized. This should not just be limited to your office. Apply this habit to your lifestyle, and you will see that things will become easier to find and more accessible. There can be multiple ways to organize documents on your computer. You need to design one plan that is best suited according to your work.

Create One Place for All Documents

Don’t store documents in different places on your computer. Create one root folder and store all your documents there. This doesn’t mean that you should keep them all in just one folder mixed with each other. The root folder would be one where you will enter the world of documents. If there is a document missing, you would know that there is just one place where it could be. You can create a shortcut on your desktop faster access

Create a Backup for Your Files

To err is human. No matter how careful you are, you can end up losing all your data within a few clicks. Even if it’s not your fault, some virus attack or software malfunctions can cause the problem. You can upload your documents on an online drive or another hard drive; the important thing is to do it regularly.

It is suggested that first compress your portable format documents to decrease their size. It will help get maximum files stored in one location and transfer time will be faster. You can get more details here about compressing PDFs.

Set Order by Your Preference

You can sort your documents in a number of orders. The most preferred sorting is by modification date. There are also options for ordering them by name, file type, or size. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Create Nested Folders

Instead of keeping all your documents clustered inside one folder, you should create multiple subfolders. Each folder will store a specific type of documents. This will make it easy to find them when needed.

Properly Rename Each File

Most professionals now prefer to search for the file they are looking for instead of clicking through each folder. That’s why you should properly rename each document. Come up with a naming convention that includes the title and type of the document. For example, every invoice should have the word invoice in it.

Save Them in the Right Place

Most of us are in such a hurry that we store the documents in the first place we see. You need to change that habit and only store them in their appropriate place. You might think that you will move them later, but you will have clutter by the time it will be done.


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