It is a fact that finding the right and affordable car insurance for 17 year olds is not as easy as you think. It is quite a difficult task, especially when you have a limited budget for this task. We all know very well that teen drivers are inexperienced and do not take traffic rules seriously. So, they are most likely to be involved in accidents and considered as a risky customer to insure. This is one of the main reasons for thousands of dollars a year on their car insurance policy.

But, don’t get disappointed. Every problem has an issue, so it is here too. One such solution is to add the name of your teen to your current insurance policy. It would be a quite less expensive option than buying a separate policy for him/her. So, the best way is to do some homework before finalizing any deal.

Shopping around and comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies has always been the best solution to find the best car insurance for 17 year olds. So, if we talk about the cost of car insurance for 17-years old male or female, it is nearly $5,975 for annual full coverage. Thus, you have to pay thousands more than drivers of age 30 or older.

How to get cheap car insurance for 17 year olds driver and save money?

There are a number of ways, with the help of which you can save your precious dollars and get the right coverage for your teen. Some of the common ways are as follows:

Add an experienced driver to the policy

Sometimes adding the name of an experienced driver as the primary driver helps a lot in lowering the premium rates. It is so because it reduces the time of the teen he/she will spend behind the wheel. Moreover, it also reduces the risks to the insurance companies. Make sure to add a genuine driver, who will really drive the car, otherwise, it will be considered as an illegal action.

Take an advanced driving course

Taking an advanced driving course is a step towards satisfaction that will help you in showing your insurer that you will be safe on the road. Thus, it helps in reducing car insurance rates.

Limit modifying your car

Always keep in mind that modifying your car can increase the insurance rates. So, it would be good to avoid making changes to your car, especially if you want to keep your premium lower. If you have any confusion regarding this point, ensure to understand it better with your insurance provider before making any change.

Build NCB (No-Claims Bonus)

It is always advised to a new driver that they must have patience and drive safely while on the road. It helps in building a No-Claims Bonus (NCB). Each year when you do not make a claim, NCB is built up and this amount will be used by your insurance company when making discounts to the policy. It means that you must keep in mind to make a clean record to enjoy the benefits of such discounts.

Choose a less expensive or used car

Do you know that choosing the right car also plays a great role in lowering the insurance price? The expensive car means the more you will have to pay for the insurance. So, you must go for a less expensive or older used car as the best option for the cheapest car insurance 17 year olds.

Whether you want to add your teen’s name to your policy or want to buy a separate policy, Alias Insurance is always there for you to assist in this regard. The years of experience make experts proud to help people in buying the right coverage for teen drivers.


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