The UEFA Euro championship for 2020 is the 16th edition of the tournament, with 24 teams from the continent. The qualifiers started in 2019, with the expectation of starting the championship in 2020. But due to the pandemic, the tournament was rescheduled to hold in 2021, between the 11th of June- 11th of July. The matches would be played across 12 European cities.

Before 2020, the qualifiers concluded with 20 eligible teams booking their spots in the competition. These teams include France, England, Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, and Sweden among others. Eight additional teams will contest against one another in qualifier matches, with winners joining the already qualified teams. 

Interesting Facts of EURO 2020

  • Twelve different cities will host the championship for the first time in history.
  • Wembley Stadium in England will host the finals of the Euros
  • Finland is the only debutant of the European Championship
  • Euro 2020 will be Joachim Low’s seventh major tournament as the German head coach
  • The Mascot of this year’s championship is Skillzy
  • Kylian Mbappe of France is the fastest player of Euro 2020, with a top speed of 27.78 mph
  • The design of the logo is the epitome of strength for linking all citizens and cities of Europe.

Group Stage

All 24 teams of the championship are to compete in six different groups. Group F appeared to be the deadliest and most brutal group called the group of death. Participants of the group include France, Germany, Portugal, and Hungary. The Portuguese came into the championship as the defending champions and favourites of the best bitcoin betting sites. Surprisingly, the team eventually qualified as one of the best losers. Since the tournament has six groups, the first two teams of each group (12) automatically qualify for the second stage, leaving four spots for the best losers (four teams to qualify as 3rd).

The defending champions were lucky to be among the extra 4 teams to book a spot in the next round alongside Ukraine, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. The first qualified 12 teams are Sweden, England, Germany, France, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Netherland, Italy, Austria, Wales, and Denmark. Entertaining, energetic, and thrilling are the best words to describe the group stage.

Quite a lot of unexpected draws and losses gave the fans a run for their money. One of the biggest surprises of this stage was the qualification of the Danish team. The team started from losing their best player Christian Eriksen and their first match to eventually qualifying as the 2nd team of the group. Nevertheless, no opponents can write off the Swedish squad; they have proven themselves by qualifying with the 1st spot of their group.

How about the best game of the stage?

There are pretty much different tough matches of the group stage, with some teams showing class and others humiliating their opponents. But, the best match of this stage is the game between the Portuguese and the French team. It was indeed a match to see, as none of the teams was confident of a spot in the knockout. On paper, the match seemed to favour the French, but the game ended in a stalemate.

Knock Out Stage

Disappointment, ridicule, and surprise are the words for defining this stage. While there was a display of quality in some games, the fans are clueless in others. No pundits could have predicted the Czech Republic defeating Netherland or the Swiss team giving the French what seems to be an unforgettable nightmare. How about the humiliation of the Welsh? or the German defeat to the English? They were unexpected but the best entertaining matches of the championship.

On the contrary, other games panned out as expected, with Ukraine defeating the Swedish team, Spain outclassing Croatia, Belgium sending the Portuguese team packing, and Italy defeating Austria. Ideally, the German and French teams were favourites to qualify for the next stage, but accolades to the English and Swiss teams for a raw display of class and brilliance. The winners of this stage automatically qualified for the next round of matches.

The Quarter-Finals

At this stage of the tournament, there is a distinction between the boys and men. What seemed like a competition for some teams became a competition for anyone. The trophy belongs to the team that wants it most! The first game of the stage was between Spain and Switzerland, which ended in a 3-1 defeat (penalty shootout) to the Swiss team. There were no surprises at this stage of the tournament, as the favorite team for each match performed to expectations and ended the game as deserved winners. The victorious teams of this stage are Spain, Italy, Denmark, and England.

The Danish and the English teams are through to the Semi-finals. What a tremor, but these are parts of the likely outcome of championships like this. Predicting by team strength and class, no one could have expected any of these two teams to qualify. But when it comes to the UEFA Euro championship, expect the unexpected.

There is still a lot to play for in the competition, with four games to the tournament’s final. Presently, Cristiano Ronaldo ranks first on the top goal scorers’ chart, although on a tie with Peter Schick and Benzema occupying the third position. Players have not failed in producing brilliant and mind-blowing goals. Patrick Schick’s screamer in the game against Scotland ranks first, with Luka Modric and Xherdan Shaqiri goals ranking second and third, respectively.

The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament is a must-watch for every football lover. If you haven’t been following, the last four matches of the tournament promise to be thrilling and entertaining. the semifinal draws sees Denmark facing England while Spain battle Italy.

Interestingly, all of these teams have tasted glory at the European Championship and will love to add another to their trophy cabinet. For more information about fixtures, predictions and to converse with fellow football loves, visit this page. You can also read match previews and betting tips on how to succeed at the best bitcoin betting sites.


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